CompPhys13 Electronic Proceedings

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 Nicolas Allegra Boundary crossover in non-equilibrium interfaces growth processes
 Michael Allen Computer simulation of peptide adsorption
 Michael Bachmann Transitions in small systems
 Christophe Chatelain Griffiths phase in a Potts model with correlated disorder
 Stefan Falkner Renormalization group for quantum walks
 Niklas Fricke Self-avoiding walks on critical percolation clusters in 2 to 7 dimensions
 Jonathan Gross Adsorption of a coarse-grained flexible polymer on nanocylinders - A Monte Carlo study
 Florian Günther Optimising the spatial structure of BLN protein models by means of thermal cycling
 Martin Hasenbusch The Kosterlitz-Thouless transition in thin films: A Monte Carlo study of three-dimensional lattice models
 Malte Henkel Statistical mechanics of the coagulation-diffusion process with a stochastic reset
 Hsiao-Ping Hsu Confined semiflexible chains in a good solvent: A Monte Carlo test of scaling concepts
 Ferenc Iglói Random quantum magnets in d>2 dimensions: Critical behavior and entanglement entropy
 Nikolay Izmailyan Finite size behaviors of critical Ising model on a rectangle with free boundaries
 Desmond Johnston Potts models with invisible states
 Hamid Khoshbakht On the uniform sampling of ground states in the 2D +/-J Ising spin-glass model
 Martin Marenz Effect of bending stiffness on a homopolymer inside a spherical cage
 Harald Morgner Fluid adsorption in mesopores: Critical remarks on the validity of thermodynamics for confined systems (» as .ppt)
 Thomas Neuhaus Simulated quantum annealing for general Ising models
 Francesco Parisen Toldin Critical Casimir forces between homogeneous and chemically striped surfaces
 Sergio Perez-Gaviro The Janus family: A Special Purpose Computer generation devoted to spin glasses
 Bengt Petersson Magnetic catalysis in 2 color QCD at finite temperature
 Kai Qi Autocorrelation study for a coarse-grained polymer model
 Beatriz Seoane Liquid-glass transition in equilibrium
 Mark Taylor Partition function zeros and finite-size scaling for polymer adsorption
 Andreas Tröster Fourier MC simulation of criticality in solid and hexatic membranes
 Christian von Ferber Environmental impact on DNA denaturation
 Martin Weigel Corner contribution to cluster numbers in the Potts model
 Pierre Wendenbaum Disentanglement of two qubits coupled to an Ising chain: Sudden quench dynamics
 David Yllanes Numerical study of the branching tree of states in spin glasses

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 Elmar Bittner MuCa vs WL: A tight race
 Jean-Yves Fortin Dimer and monomer statistics using Grassmann analysis
 Momchil Ivanov Polymer adsorption onto a stripe-patterned surface
 Marco Müller Multicanonical analysis of the gonihedric Ising model
 Hannes Nagel Application of a steady states transport model to condensation of water droplets on a substrate
 Martin Puschmann Analysis of localization-delocalisation transitions in corner-sharing tetrahedral lattices
 Philipp Schierz/
Johannes Zierenberg
 Microcanonical molecular dynamics meets (multi)canonical Monte Carlo
 Timur Shakirov Wang-Landau simulation of polymer melts phase behaviour (» as .ppt)
 Mathieu Solar Polymer dynamics in confinement: MD simulations of 1,4-polybutadiene at a graphite interface
 Benno Werlich Specific interactions in a coarse-grained hard-sphere model