CompPhys14 Electronic Proceedings

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 Michael Bachmann A 20th century physics no-no problem: The reasons of us being
 Tristan Bereau Modeling many-body van der Waals interactions without electrons
 Bertrand Berche Subtleties of gauge theory in Aharonov-Bohm rings
 Viktoria Blavatska Random walks in power-law correlated disordered environment
 Eren Metin Elçi On the mixing of the single-bond dynamics for the random-cluster model
 Pascal Fieth Rare-event simulations for score statistics of multiple sequence alignments
 Niklas Fricke True asymptotics of self-avoiding walks on 3D percolation clusters
 Nikolaos Fytas Universality in the three-dimensional random-field Ising model
 Jonathan Groß Poly(3-hexylthiophene) adsorption on Au(001)
 Alexander Hartmann Large deviations for work distributions
 Martin Hasenbusch Phase transition of films in the Ising universality class
 Malte Henkel Spherical models of interface growth
 Hsiao-Ping Hsu Lattice Monte Carlo simulations of polymer melts
 Fred Hucht Casimir force scaling functions in 2d Ising systems with open boundaries: The importance of corner contributions
 Ferenc Iglói Random transverse-field Ising chain with long-range interactions
 Nikolay Izmailyan Corner contribution to free energy for 2D dimer model
 Desmond Johnston (Z2) lattice gerbe theory
 Dragi Karevski Boundary driven open quantum XXZ chain
 Tomas Koci Effects of the bond elasticity on the structural transitions of a flexible polymer
 Anastasios Malakis Anistropic spin-glass models
 Harald Morgner The stability of foam films: Remarks on the concept of disjoining pressure (» as .ppt)
 Marco Müller Macroscopic degeneracy influences the finite-size scaling at first-order phase transitions
 Francesco Parisen Toldin Fermionic quantum criticality in honeycomb and π-flux Hubbard lattice models
 Philipp Schierz Comparison of microcanonical MD and MC simulations for liquid-gas like phase transitions
 Timur Shakirov Wang-Landau type Monte Carlo study of crystallization in melts of short semi-flexible polymers
 Lev Shchur On the accuracy of the Wang-Landau algorithm
 Andreas Tröster Fourier Monte Carlo renormalization group approach to crystalline membranes
 Hugo Tschirhart Determinant representation for integrable spin-boson models
 Matthew Williams Structural transitions in helical polymers
 Martin Weigel Fragmentation of fractal random structures
 Johannes Zierenberg Aggregation of semiflexible polymers under constraints

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 Johannes Bock Semi-flexible polymers in disordered media
 Khrystyna Haydukivska Ring polymers in disordered environment: Conformational properties
 Hendrik Hobrecht Simulating three-body Casimir interactions in colloidal suspensions
 Momchil Ivanov P3HT molecules interacting with Au(001) substrates
 Mariana Krasnytska Lee-Yang-Fisher zeros for the Ising model on complex network
 Martin Marenz Effects of stiffness in a generic polymer model and where knots come into play
 Hannes Nagel Open boundary conditions in stochastic transport processes with pair-factorized steady states
 Thomas Neuhaus Current-current correlations in lattice QCD: Continuum study of quark diffusion
 Semjon Stepanow Adsorption of semiflexible polymers
 Sascha Sebastian Wald Anisotropic extension of the quantum spherical model
 Benno Werlich Specific interactions in a hard-sphere model