CompPhys11 Electronic Proceedings

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 Raquel Alvarez Finite-dimensional Edwards-Anderson spin glass: Evidence of phase transition at nonzero magnetic field
 Antun Balaz Numerical simulations of Faraday waves in binary Bose-Einstein condensates
 Elmar Bittner Parallel-tempering cluster algorithm for computer simulations of critical phenomena
 Viktoria Blavatska Polymer adsorption on a fractal substrate
 Fakhteh Ghanbarnejad Importance of single nodes for Boolean network dynamics
 Antonio Gordillo-Guerrero Complex temperature zeros in the partition function of the 3D Ising model
 Alexander Hartmann Random-field Ising magnet with correlated disorder
 Martin Hasenbusch A Monte Carlo study of surface critical phenomena: The special point
 Malte Henkel Logarithmic extensions of local scale invariance
 Hsiao-Ping Hsu Structure and scaling analysis of stretched semiflexible polymer chains
 Ferenc Iglói Quantum relaxation after a quench in systems with boundaries
 Desmond Johnston Gonihedric Ising models: Order parameter(s) and dual(s)
 Pádraig Mac Carron Mythological networks
 Oliver Melchert Mean-field behavior of the negative-weight percolation model on random regular graphs
 Arnulf Möbius Optimization by local heat pulse - quenching cycles by means of GULP
 Harald Morgner Confined systems: New theory and applications (» as .ppt)
 Thomas Neuhaus Precision calculation of spin-spin correlators in the Ising model via worm updates
 Jeremi Ochab Pair-factorised steady state model exhibits a condensate's growth on monolayers
 Yuko Okamoto Generalized-ensemble simulations of spin models and biomolecular systems
 Francesco Parisen Toldin Improvement of Monte Carlo estimates with covariance-optimized finite-size scaling at fixed phenomenological coupling
 Sergio Perez-Gaviro Anisotropy impact in the 3D Heisenberg spin-glass model
 Holger Perlt The non-perturbative part of Wilson loops
 Heiko Rieger Strong roughening of spontaneous imbibition fronts (» as .ppt)
 Robert H. Swendsen How the maximum step size in Monte Carlo simulations should be adjusted
 Mark Taylor Partition function zeros and phase transitions of a polymer chain
 Karol Trojanowski Resonance and pattern formation in the Kuramoto model with Manhattan delay (» as .ppt)
 Marcin Zagórski Motifs emerge from function in model gene regulatory networks

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 Rainer Bischof Gaussian universality class of mixed quantum spin chains
 Martin Brehm TRAVIS - A free analyzer and visualizer for MC and MD trajectories
 Niklas Fricke Scale-free enumeration of self-avoiding walks on critical percolation clusters
 Ewa Gajda-Zagórska Hierarchic genetic strategy for solving inverse problems
 Hossein Hassani Oscillations in delayed SIRS model on homogeneous networks
 Hamid Khoshbakht The two-dimensional Ising spin glass at zero temperature
 Monika Möddel Comparison of grafted and non-grafted polymer adsorption in different ensembles
 Tetsuro Nagai Application of two-dimensional simulated tempering (ST) to the two-dimensional Ising model