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Piotr Marecki: Research

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ITP 1R18, Vor dem Hospitaltore 1, Leipzig         Office: +49 341 97 32440          



Invited talks

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Research Interests
Theoretical Physics. Application of Quantum Field Theory to Quantum Optics, Astrophysics and Cosmology.


Invited Talks and Seminars

Year 2009
  • "E pur si muove" - on the problem(s) of rotation in Gereral Relativity
    Ulm University, Germany  
  • Solutions to the d'Alembert equation in Gödel spacetimes
    Göttingen University, Germany  
  • Remarks on quantum noise, negative energy densities and Hadamard regularization
    Hamburg University, Germany  
Year 2008
  • Time domain restrictions on and Casimir cavity expectation values of the quantum noise
    Albert-Einstein-Institute, Hannover, Germany  
Year 2007
  • Detector operators and sub-vacuum fluctuations in Quantum Optics
    Erwin-Schrödinger-Institute, Vienna, Austria  
  • Sub-vacuum fluctuations in Quantum Optics: squeezed states and balanced homodyne detectors
    Tufts University, Medford, USA
  • Rotating spacetimes
    University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA
Year 2005
  • Energy-densities of quantum fields: local consequences of the existence of horizons
    Albert-Einstein-Institute, Golm, Germany  
Year 2004
  • Formulation and consequences of the generally covariant locality principle
    University of Zurich, Switzerland  
  • On expectation values of local observables for QFT in external backgrounds
    University of South Carolina, Columbia, USA
  • Locality of observables for QFT in external backgrounds
    Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland
  • Stability of quantum information
    Institute of Theoretical and Applied Informatics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IITiS), Gliwice, Poland
Year 2003
  • External-field QED from the `local' point of view
    DESY Seminar, DESY Hamburg, Germany  
  • Remarks on the Dirac-Coulomb problem for highly charged ions
    Seminar "Quantum physics and geometry", Hamburg University, Germany  
Year 2002
  • The theory of Dopplicher, Haag and Roberts
    Seminar "Quantum physics and geometry", Hamburg University, Germany
Year 2001
  • The Hawking radiation
    Seminar, DESY Hamburg, Germany
  • Quantum mechanics of systems with constraints
    Seminar "Quantum physics and geometry", Hamburg University, Germany
  • The Hawking and Unruh effects
    Seminar "Quantum physics and geometry", Hamburg University, Germany

Conference Talks

  • Field theory in Gödel-type spacetimes
    Talk at the DPG Frühjahrstagung, Freiburg, Germany  
  • Balanced homodyne detectors and Casimir energy densities
    Talk at the conference QFEXT07, Leipzig, Germany  
  • On the wave equation in spacetimes of Gödel type
    Talk at the 23rd Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting, Caltech, Pasadena, USA
  • On quantum effects in the vicinity of would-be horizons
    Talk at the 11th Marcel Grossmann Meeting, FU Berlin  
  • Physical properties of ground states on static spacetimes of compact objects
    Talk at the Workshop on Quantum Fields, Gravity and Noncommutative Geometry, Leipzig University, Germany
  • On the back-reaction problem for quantum fields in static spacetimes
    Talk at the 16th Workshop on Foundations and Constructive QFT, Albert-Einstein-Institute, Golm, Germany  
  • On expectation values of local observables for QFT in external backgrounds
    Talk at the 14th Midwest Relativity Meeting, Milwaukee, USA
  • Stability of quantum information
    Talk at Congress on Computer Networks, Zakopane, Poland
  • Application of quantum inequalities to quantum optics
    Talk at the Workshop on foundations and constructive aspects of QFT, Berlin
  • Electrons at TESLA will experience thermal radiation
    Talk at the Workshop on future developments in particle physics, Cracow, Poland