Piotr Marecki: Teaching

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Piotr Marecki: Teaching

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ITP 1R18, Vor dem Hospitaltore 1, Leipzig         Office: +49 341 97 32440          

Courses taught

Additional material

  General Relativity Theory
  Quantum Mechanics

Recommended resources

In the winter semester of 2009 I am teaching classes on advanced quantum mechanics and classes on classical mechanics.

Courses taught

Leipzig University, Germany (courses in German) WSIZ, Bielsko-Biala, Poland (courses in Polish) Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland (course in Polish)

Additional material

General Relativity Theory

The most recent course on GRT in Leipzig was held by Prof. R. Verch in WS2008. The following are my recommended sources for GRT:

Quantum Mechanics

The most recent courses on basic and advanced quantum mechanics I supervised were held in WS2008 and WS2009. The following are additional resources from the course I supervised in SS2007.

Collected problem sets
Collected solutions to the problems

Supplementary material for some problems:
Landau problem: vortices and currents (Problems 18,19)
Higher-orders of time-dependent perturbation theory (Problem 25)
Ground-state energy of negative hydrogen ions (Problem 29)
Scattering problems (Problems 30-32)
Argument for finite extension of white-dwarf stars (supplement to Problem 11)

Recommended Resources

The following references are on-line resources which I consider to be of good quality.

Lecture notes of K. Fredenhagen (U. Hamburg)
Great lecture notes (in German) of my PhD advisor. Particularly recommended: QM II, and QFT in curved spacetimes. Also strongly recommended are the diploma- and PhD-theses supervised by K. Fredenhagen!

Lecture notes on Mathematical Methods by M. Stone (UIUC)
The notes on Mathematical Physics on M. Stone's webpage are organized into two books available on this site in PDF format. They are the best introductory textbooks on mathematical physics I have seen.

Advanced General Relativity by E. Poisson (Guelph)
Excellent lecture notes, including many examples and problems, covering advanced topics of the GR (eg. junction conditions).

Introduction to Fluid Dynamics by M. E. McIntyre (DAMTP, Cambridge)
An inspiring introductory course on Fluid Dynamics by M. E. McIntyre (Atmospheric Dynamics Group).

A nice archive of old works, collected by K. McDonald (Princeton)

Video Material

(This section will soon be expanded)

Experiments with superfluid Helium (YouTube)
Taylor-Proudman column (MIT)