CompPhys18 Electronic Proceedings

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 Henrik Christiansen Accelerating molecular dynamics simulations with population annealing
 Nikolaos Fytas An overview of recent numerical results on the random-field Ising model
 Peter Grassberger Does KPZ describe pushed interfaces with quenched disorder?
 Ulrich H.E. Hansmann Conformational transitions in prions and amyloids (missing)
 Alexander Hartmann Phase transition in detecting causal relationships from obervational and interventional data
 Malte Henkel Axiomatic construction of quantum Langevin equations
 Hsiao-Ping Hsu Indication of chain retraction in highly entangled polymer melts after a large step deformation (missing)
 Fred Hucht A multiplicative Monte Carlo rate for nonequilibrium dynamics (missing)
 Ferenc Iglói Quantum relaxation and metastability of lattice bosons with cavity-induced long-range interactions
 Nobuyasu Ito Simulation of quantum computer (missing)
 Nikolay Izmailyan Specific heat and partition function zeros for the dimer model on the checkerboard B lattice: Finite-size effects
 Des Johnston Fractons
 Werner Krauth Irreversible, totally asymmetric Markov chains in statistical physics (missing)
 Eunsang Lee Thermodynamics of supramolecular polymers with hydrogen bonding ends
 Jutta Luettmer-Strathmann Steady state of a protein-ligand system in a temperature gradient
 Suman Majumder Dissipative dynamics of a single polymer in solution: A Lowe-Andersen approach
 Subhajit Paul Dimension dependence of clustering dynamics in models of ballistic aggregation and freely cooling granular gas
 Gergö Roósz Quench dynamics of the disordered quantum Ising chain (missing)
 Stefan Schnabel Simulation of a large polymer with untruncated interaction near the collapse
 Timur Shakirov Aggregation of short polyethylene chains
 Paul Spitzner Inferring dynamical properties of subsampled networks
 Mark Taylor Entropy reduction and entropy driven folding for confined polymers
 Martin Weigel Approximate ground states of the random-field Potts model from graph cuts
 Johannes Zierenberg Extending the dynamic range by an ensemble of neural networks (missing)

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 Beatriz García Barreales Universality in reaction-diffusion fronts
 Michael Beyer Quantum Hamilton equations for n-body quantum systems
 Arne Böker Short peptides - thermodynamics and the effect of dyes: A Monte Carlo study (missing)
 Fabio Müller Nanopatterns of macromolecules (missing)
 Stanislav Kazmin Critical exponent ν of the Ising model in three dimensions with long-range correlated disorder