CompPhys10 Electronic Proceedings

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 Frank Beyer The infinite-component spin glass revisited
 Antun Balaz Fast converging path integrals for time-dependent potentials
 Christian von Ferber Coupled order parameter systems on scale-free networks
 Fakhteh Ghanbarnejad Stability and timing in Boolean dynamics
 Antonio Gordillo-Guerrero IBERCIVIS: A BOINC-based platform for scientific computing
 Jonathan Gro▀ Massively parallelized replica-exchange simulations of polymers on GPUs
 Alexander Hartmann Large-deviation properties of largest component for random graphs
 Martin Hasenbusch The thermodynamic Casimir effect in the neighbourhood of the lambda transition: A Monte Carlo study of an improved three-dimensional lattice model
 Hsiao-Ping Hsu Polymer chain stiffness versus excluded volume: A Monte Carlo study of the crossover towards the wormlike chain model
 Ferenc Iglói Infinite disorder scaling of random quantum magnets in three and higher dimensions
 Ralph Kenna Size matters, except perhaps for pure mathematicians
 Sigismund Kobe Statistics beyond physics - misused in public?
 Federica Lo Verso Spherical polymer brushes under good solvent conditions: Molecular dynamics results compared to density functional theory
 Harald Markum Formulation of time from Aristotle to Monte Carlo simulations and to noncommutative geometry
 Jorge Monforte Critical behavior of three-dimensional disordered Potts models with many states
 Harald Morgner A new ansatz for thermodynamics of confined systems
 Thomas Neuhaus More on quantum adiabatic computations
 David Peters Anisotropic Heisenberg antiferromagnets
 Juan J. Ruiz-Lorenzo Ising spin-glass transition in magnetic field out of mean-field: Numerical simulations and experiments
 Stefan Schnabel On the low-temperature behavior of a geometrically frustrated Heisenberg antiferromagnet
 Jacob Stevenson Domain walls and Schramm-Loewner evolution in the random-field Ising model
 Andreas Tröster Optimizing Wilson's momentum shell renormalization group
 Martin Weigel Performance potential for simulating spin models on GPU
 Sandro Wenzel Critical properties of the 120 degree model for orbital ordering
 David Winter Monte Carlo test of the classical theory for heterogeneous nucleation
 Leonid Yelash Atomistic molecular dynamics simulations of polybutadiene at graphite: Wall impact on polymer statics and dynamics
 Marcin Zagˇrski Model gene regulatory networks under mutation-selection balance

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 Dipanjan Chakraborty Molecular simulation of hot nano particles
 Ewa Gajda A new method of solving inverse problems
 Max Henner Gerlach Monte Carlo study of the droplet-strip transition in the two-dimensional Ising model
 Martin Hasenbusch The thermal Casimir effect in films: Monte Carlo simulations of improved models
 Martin Marenz Worm algorithm in ordered and disordered media
 Marco Müller Towards optimized parallel tempering
 Hannes Nagel Condensation time scale of a stochastic transport process with pair factorized steady states
 Andreas Nu▀baumer Gibbs-Thomson effect in the Ising model
 Marcin Zagˇrski Copulas applied in the inverter case study
 Johannes Zierenberg Structure of the Tip4p model in the ice I_h phase