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Universität Leipzig
Institut für Theoretische Physik
Brüderstr. 14-16
04103 Leipzig


Link to Workshop LEILAT00

About our work on hot electroweak matter, see here

About our work on perturb. renormalization of bilinear operators, see here

Trento Lecture 1998 on the Structure of the Hadrons from the Lattice, see here

Boulder talk Lattice 98, see here

Talk at Japan-German Seminar Kanazawa October 99, see here

Some photos from Kanazawa meeting

Link to Workshop DUBLAT01

Talk Dublat01 Dublin 2001, see here

Poster Lattice 2001 Berlin August 2001, see here

Talk CompPhys01 Leipzig December 2001, see here

Link to Workshop DEBLAT02

Talk DEBLAT02 Debrecen May 2002, see here

Poster Lattice 2002 Cambridge June 2002, see here

Link to Workshop YALELAT03

Some photos from the workshop

Talk YALELAT03 New Haven, CT May 2003, see here

Talk CompPhys03 Leipzig December 2003, see here

Link to Workshop LEILAT04

Talk German-Japanese Symposium Zeuthen November 2004, see here, link to the Symposium NEW

Publication list as Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) File

CV (German version)

Scientific development and research interests (German version)

Publication list from HEP-SPIRES, partly papers available via links

Publication list from HEP-SPIRES, Citation Search Summary from HEP-SPIRES

Physical picture(s) -- under preparation

Teaching Autumn 2017 TP3 -- Theoretical Mechanics 2 and Electrodynamics 2

Teaching Spring 2017 TP2 -- Electrodynamics 1

Data of Ecaterina Bodnariuc's master thesis 2013

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Arwed Schiller, September 25, 2013