Perturbative NSPT 20 loop results for lattices with twisted boundary conditions (August 5, 2013)

All data for Wilson Loops, Logarithms of Wilson loops, Creutz ratios and Polyakov loops for lattices L=4,6,8 as tar-file

Example: L=4

Spatial-spatial and spatial-temporal Wilson Loops (rectangular)

Wss_11 Wss_21 Wss_22 Wst_11 Wst_21 Wst_22

Planar diagonal spatial-spatial Wilson Loops

Wsd2sd2_11 Wsd2sd2_21 Wsd2sd2_22

Non-planar Wilson Loops (2D spatial diagonal and spatial or temporal)

Wsd2s_11 Wsd2s_21 Wsd2s_22 Wsd2s_12 Wsd2t_11 Wsd2t_21 Wsd2t_22 Wsd2t_12

Non-planar Wilson Loops (3D spatial diagonal-temporal)

Wsd3t_11 Wsd3t_21 Wsd3t_22 Wsd3t_12