CompPhys09 Electronic Proceedings

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 Björn Ahrens  Properties of exact ground states of the random-field Ising magnet around the upper critical dimension
 Beatriz Seoane Bartolomä  Spin glass on the hypercube
 Viktoria Blavatska  Polymers in crowded environment under stretching force globule-coil transitions
 Xavier Durang  Exact results in the one-dimensional coagulation-diffusion process by the empty-interval method
 Christian von Ferber  Eggheads shapes of embedded networks
 Andre Galuschko  MD simulation of polymer brushes
 Lars Heinke  Using kinetic Monte Carlo simulations for investigating surface barriers in nanoporous materials
 Malte Henkel  Non-Markovian global persistence in phase-ordering kinetics
 Hsiao-Ping Hsu  Structure analysis of bottle-brush polymers simulation and experiment
 Alfred Hucht  Nonequilibrium phase transition in an exactly solvable driven Ising model with friction
 Ferenc Iglói  Disordered Potts model on the diamond hierarchical lattice
 Nobuyasu Ito  Simulation study on nonequilibrium transport phenomena
 Christoph Junghans  Versatile object-oriented toolkit for coarse-graining applications
 Dragi Karevski  Critical quench dynamics in confined systems
 Victor Martin-Mayor  Large-scale equilibrium simulation of the 3D Edwards-Anderson model
 Thiago Mattos  Effects of spillover and particle size in a kinetic model of catalyzed reactions
 Oliver Melchert  Critical behavior of bond-diluted negative-weight percolation
 Arnulf Möbius  Critical behavior of the Coulomb-glass model in the zero-disorder limit Ising universality in a system with long-range interactions
 Monika Möddel  Systematic microcanonical analyses of polymer adsorption transitions
 Thomas Neuhaus  Statistical analysis of quantum adiabatic computations
 Wolfgang Paul  Trading leads to scale-free self-organization
 Holger Perlt  Wilson loops at very high order of lattice pertubation theory
 Eugene Petrov  Translational diffusion in two-component lipid membranes close to phase transition
 Daniel Reith  Influence of chain stiffness and sequence on knottedness in polymer globules
 Adriaan Schakel  Critical loop gases and the worm algorithm
 Michael Schreiber  The modified sharpened index h_ms and other variants in the Hirsch index zoo
 Mark Taylor  All-or-none protein-like folding of a homopolymer chain
 Steffen Trimper  Exact solution of the stochastic SIR model
 Bartlomiej Waclaw  Tuning the shape of the condensate in spontaneous symmetry breaking
 Jean-Charles Walter  Numerical investigation of the aging of the fully frustrated XY model
 David Yllanes  A cluster Monte Carlo algorithm with a conserved order parameter