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News and Announcements

2021 12 02 — Dies Academicus

On Thursday we commemorate the 612th anniversary of the Universität Leipzig by our Dies Academicus. There will be no lectures on that occasion (i.e. in particular no TP1 lecture). Rather, we encourage everyone to take a look at one of the many special lectures that are delivered on that occasion.1)

2021 12 01 — Problem set 8

The new problem set is available in the wiki and as PDF file.

2021 11 26 — Question Hour

The question time on 26 November will be conducted only in the BigBlueButton Channel
(with access code 261377).

2021 11 25 — updates: problem sets 6+7, recordings of lectures

2021 11 24 — Problem set 7

The new problem set is available on 7. Motion, potentials, and conservation laws, but presently only as PDF file.

2021 11 18 — solutions for Problem set 5

There are solutions available now for problem set 5.

2021 11 11 — Problem set 6

The new problem set is available on 6. Motion, forces, and conservation laws, and also available as PDF file.

2021 11 14 — solutions for Problem set 4

There are solutions available now for problems 4.1–4.4 and 4.6.

2021 11 13 — clarifications and error corrections in Problem set 5

Upon preparing the solutions of the exercise sheet I found and corrected a few more typos, and I decided to adapt the ladder problem.

2021 11 12 — clarifications and error corrections in Problem set 5

In the question hour we corrected misprints in the exercises and clarified what has to be done in the tasks. These issues are now settled in the wiki, and the PDF file has also been updated.

2021 11 11 — Problem set 5

The new problem set is available on 5. Torques and Cross Product and also available as PDF file.

2021 11 06 — solutions for Problem set 4

Based on the feedback in the question hours I corrected typos, added some clarification/explanation (in particular a photo in Ex 4.1), and I revised the last part of Ex. 4.2 in order to guide you towards the important conceptual questions and avoid that you get stuck in unduly lengthy calculations.

2021 11 05 — solutions for Problem set 3

I prepared the solutions for problem set 3. Forces and Vector Spaces.

2021 11 03 — Problem set 4

The new problem set is outlined on 4. Mechanical Stability and Coordinates and also available as PDF file.
So far there has been no proofreading. Hence, there might be small changes coming up. Please post you pertinent observations in the discussion fields.
Update: Exercise 4.4 a) is not mandatory any more. Also the sheet now says the correct due date.

2021 11 01 — Moodle

  • I set up the Moodle page for submission of Problem Set 3
  • I updated the groups in the Moodle course — please make your choice!

2021 10 29 — discussion pages for Problem set 3

The discussion pages for Problem 3.1 — 3.7 are online.

2021 10 26 — Problem set 3

The new problem set is outlined on 3. Forces and Vector Spaces. The PDF-file for the problem set, and discussion pages with comment fields will appear shortly.

2021 10 24 — Moodle submission page is open

The Moodle page is open for homework submissions now. We are still fighting to add a poll to the submission process. This will appear now for next weeks submissions.

2021 10 22 — Room for Lecture

The lecture today and the Question Time in the forthcoming weeks will take place in the Kleiner Hörsaal.

2021 10 21 — Exercises online

Exercise sheet 2 is online now. The discussion forums are available 2. Dimensional Analysis; Groups.

2021 10 21 — Exercises online

The self-test exercises are online. Their solutions will follow soon.

2021 10 18 — Seminars

This week we will do exercises in the class rooms:

  • Tue 3pm — SR 532 in the Physics building, Linnestr
  • Wed 11am — SR 210 in the ITP, Brüderstr

These time slots will also be kept for the seminars in the forthcoming weeks, with additional options preferentially on Tuesday or Thursday at 9am (these are the times where I know for sure that we will find rooms!).

  • Please register in Moodle to indicate your preferred time
  • Note also that I will kick out all participants who did not register with their email adress!

Please communicate this request also to the other participants of the course.
So far about 1/3 of the participants ist not yet registered in Moddle!

2021 10 15 — Vote for Seminar time slots

On the Moodle pages I offer multiple time slots for seminars. Please carefully read the instructions in the Announcement Section of the Moodle course page, and make sure to coordinate your vote with your peers. In the lecture on Tuesday we will select the time slots for the groups based on your votes.

2021 10 15 — Moodle pages are online

The Moodle pages for the course are online now. To speed up the procedure I allow for self registration. Till October 24 you can register with the course enrollment key TP1_IPSP_registration2021.

2021 10 12 — 1st lecture

We will meet for our first lecture

on Tuesday, 12 October
at 1pm
in kleiner Hörsaal

PS: The computer center still did not update the Moodle course. Luckily, we do not need it yet, and I will make sure this is settled by the time it is needed…

2021 10 07 — Moodle course pending

There still is administrative work needed for the new Moodle course. As soon as these steps are taken by the administrators I will enroll you, and announce it here on the wiki.

PS: I appended a discussion field “Administrative Problems” at the end of the entrance page. Please use this form to report problems with access to resources. This will substantially increase the probability that your request will not be lost in my university email jungle.

2021 10 06 — Wiki opened for participants

Unfortunately, there will be only online events due to the pandemic situation. Note, however, that there will be also English lectures, in spite of the most irritating fact that the pages with the announcement are only available in German.
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