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TP1 Mechanics Sage Notebooks

This page provides the links to Sage Jupyter Notebooks that are provided on this Wiki, and to web pages where the interaction with Sage can be explored. Instructions on how to download the Notebooks, and start them on your computer are provided here.

The notebooks marked as intro are meant to help with first steps on a particular topic. To this end they contain more elaborate comments. Please notify me about places where you were struggling to understand a concept. I particularly appreciate feedback of notebooks where further comments and/or links to the sagemath help pages are added.

The links in the left column open a page displaying the output/features of the Sage Notebooks.

Plotting Functions

aim Sage features download
Plot trigonometric functions intro: plotting functions Notebook (1.5kB)
Plot cycloids and curtate trochoids intro: add lines and control layout Notebook (2.3kB)
Explore trigonometric functions exploring parameters by sliders Notebook (1.8kB)
Animations for cycloids and curtate trochoids intro: interactive plots and animations Notebook (3.9kB)
Guess function parameters provide parameters in text fields, checkboxes Notebook (2.1kB)

Derivatives and Taylor series

aim Sage features download
Derivatives of functions intro: determine the derivatives of a function,
define your own functions
Notebook (1.6kB)
Determine derivatives and Taylor series providing functions and parameters in text boxes, pretty-print expression to screen Notebook (1.6kB)

Analyzing EOM

aim Sage features download
Exploring the solutions numerical solution of ODEs, evolution in phase space, direction field Notebook (1.8kB)
Mathematical Pendulum mathematical pendulum: evolution in phase space, direction field Notebook (2.3kB)

==== Solutions for Exercises ==== After the submission deadline the links to worksheets with solutions of selected exercises will be published here. * 1.2 Challenges in drawing circles * 3.3 Retroreflector paths on bike wheels * 4.2 Contour lines and gradients * 4.3 Dynamics in phase space * 6.3 Bubbles rising in a fluid

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