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Theoretical Mechanics (IPSP)

Wiki with Exercises, Notes, Hints, and a Feedback-Forum
Jürgen Vollmer, Uni Leipzig, WiSe2023/24

We will come to know different approaches to determine the equations of motion of mechanical systems, and to discuss the features of the solutions of these equations.

Classes, seminars, and the tutorial

The main ideas will be presented in lectures. However, your most important duty will be to work through a set of questions every week and to discuss your solutions with your peers:

  • brainstorming with your peers prior to submission
  • clarify open issues with the tutors in the open physics room
  • present your solution in the seminars


The times for the classes have not yet been confirmed. Last year we had:

Time Room
Thu 1:30pm – 3:00pm Linnéstr, Kleiner Hörsaal, room 281
Fri 3:15pm – 4:45pm Linnéstr, Theoretischer Hörsaal, room 294


In the Seminars we meet with a small number of participants to present and discuss the homework exercises. Exercising your skills in presenting models and results of calculations is one of the key competences of physicists. It is important that you prepare carefully for the seminars, and embrace the opportunity to learn this early on in your studies.

Times and locations of the seminars.

Time Room Instructor
Wed 11:15 – 12:45 Linnéstr, SR 218 Valentin Slepukhin
Wed 11:15 – 12:45 ITP, SR 210 Likun Shi
Wed 13:15 – 14:45 Linnéstr, SR 218 Valentin Slepukhin
Wed 13:15 – 14:45 Talstr, room 2.10 Jürgen Vollmer
Fri 09:15 – 10:45 Linnéstr, SR 225 Likun Shi

An overview of the members of the different groups is available here.

Tutorial and Help

In the Open Physics Room peers help to cope with understanding the lectures, and provide help in dealing with homework exercises. Aziz will be available to answer questions and provide help with the homework.

Time Room
Tue 9 – 11 amLinnéstr, seminar room 220

Apparently the time slots on Monday afternoon are clashing with too many elective classes. Please negotiate with Aziz about a suitable time for the other OPR session.

Once, every week I will offer a Question Time where we can revisit and consolidate core concepts relevant in the TP1 course. At the moment I plan that this will happen on Monday evening.

In class we agreed to start at 6:30. Consequently, we can meet in the Linnéstr:

Time Room
Mon 6:30 pm -… Linnéstr, Kleiner Hörsaal, room 281

Everybody is invited to join this event. Requests for topics to be addressed in the Tutorial can be posted here.

Moreover, we will also have a question time for the preparation of the exam

Date Time Room
Wed, 14 Feb 3:00 pm - … Linnéstr, Theoretischer Hörsaal, room 294

Exercise Sheets

Each week there will be a set of homework exercises. For each problem there will be a discussion page, and after the submission deadline I will publish the solutions to selected problems. On request I also offer suggestions for further study.

The deadline for homework submission will be Wednesday: 10:30

The exercise sheets will be submitted on the Moodle pages of this course. Registration in Moodle will be connected to the enrollment in the course in AlmaWeb.


The exams will be conducted on

  • Friday, 16 February 2023 — 12:00am – 15:00pm


  • Friday, 22 March 2023 — 12:00am – 15:00pm

These are 3 hour exams. Please take into account that

  • you will be asked to arrive somewhat earlier for the setup of the exam and registration,
  • we will not be done at 3pm sharp since we need time to collect the exams,
  • we often sit together after the exams to discuss how it worked out.

The requirement for participation is that you have earned a TP1 exam admission in a previous year, or that you have reached a score of at least 50% in the exercises.

Admission to the exam

If you score at least 50% of the points on your exercise sheets you will right away be admitted to the exam. You can double the points scored in an exercise by presenting your solution in your seminar.

More information about successfully running the course is available on a separate page.

For preparation sessions for the retake exam I booked SR114 in the ITP from Tuesday, Mar 19 noon till Thursday night. I will drop in every now and then to see if there are questions, and/or to suggest exercises. Moreover, there will be a few sessions to discuss strategies to solve TP1 exam problems:

  • Tuesday, 5–7pm we will address line integrals
  • Wednesday we will revisit ODEs

Lecture Notes

In my lecture notes I provide

  • an exposition of the topics covered in the lectures,
  • material for follow-up course work,
  • material for further reading.

Further details are available at the Lecture Notes Overview page.

Team Members

This year the TP1 team comprises the following members

name email duties
Jürgen Vollmer lecturer
Likun Shi seminars
Valentin Slepukhin seminars
Abdilaziz Al-Azab OPR + homework correction
Abhinav Dhull homework correction
Johannes Ewald homework correction + coordination

If you encounter problems with questions:

  • check out first if there is an appropriate discussion field in the wiki to post that problem
  • post a question in the wiki
  • visit the OPR to discuss your problem with Aziz
  • contact me in/after the lecture if the issue persists

If you encounter problems with homework corrections:

  • check the solution in the wiki
  • post a question in the wiki if you do not understand the solution
  • visit the OPR to discuss your problem with Aziz
  • contact me in/after the lecture if the issue persists
  • send a request to Johannes Ewald — the speaker of the correction team

==== Open Physics Room for Retakes ==== For the preparation of retakes the open physics room will be opened again. There will be first meeting to discuss your problems and needs * this week Thursday, 9 March 2023, at 15:00 * in the OPR Subsequent meetings will be discussed and arranged during that meeting. The room will be conducted by | Sara Tariq | | Please contact her by email to express your needs.

Sage Notebooks

For selected problems I will set up a Sage playground, where you can explore the solutions to a range of problems in theoretical mechanics based on interactive Sage templates.


There are discussion forms on all pages. Viable suggestions and solutions will be promoted from the discussion to Howtos in the main part of the pages. Regular contributors will earn the right to directly edit the pages.

Jürgen Vollmer 2023/10/02

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