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Leipzig University Computer Help for IPSP students

I am looking forward to descriptions of problems and/or obscure error messages you encountered with almaweb, the university email, and moodle. If you can also provide a solution that is even better. In the course of time the descriptions of the problems and solutions will grow into a HowTo page for IPSP students.

In the end a good HowTo entry should involve a description of a

  1. problem with a quote of the /error message/ and the context where it arises
  2. solution
    • Whom did you contact when something did not work, and how did you describe the problem?
    • Which web page did you visit to solve the problem, and which information was filled in?

Suggestions for new topics can be added in the Discussion field in the bottom of this page.

Wiki Problems

I lost my Password

You can request a new password on the login page by following the link in

 Forgotten your password? Get a new one: //Set new password//

This will bring you to the Send new password form:

  • fill in your username, i.e. your studentID
  • click Set new password

and the new password will be send to your email address. Please make sure that you regularly check this email. It is used for all official university announcements, including information about exams and course credits.

University Email

Web front-end

you can check your emails, edit default settings and automatic replies via the horde web front-end

Email alias

you can setup an email alias for your university email as follows

  • log into horde
  • select the drop-down menu item Mail –> Alias
  • setup your password, e.g.
  • save the changes!

Compressing PDF files

The university knowlege base | E-Learning provides a very useful description (unfortunately in German) about compression of PDF files. Please consult it to optimize your the PDF-files for homework submission in Moodle.

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