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Getting started with Sage

Install SageMath

  • click on Download 9.2 icon
  • follow the instructions
    beware the package is huge and installation will (potentially) take quite a while
  • start Jupyter Notebook server for Sage

Windows: open program

     SageMath XX Notebook

Linux: open a shell and run the command

    sage --notebook=jupyter
  • look for the Jupyter page in your browser.
    It should look like the window shown in Step 2 of the following instruction for downloading and opening the Sage Notebooks that we are providing in this wiki.

Download and start Notebooks

Step 1. Download File

Right-click the link on the home page or wiki, and store the file on your computer:

Step 2. open Import in Jupyter

Open Jupyter on your computer and click upload:

Step 3. import file

navigate to the file on your hard drive and select for upload:

Step 4. select file

select file by left click:

Step 5. open notebook

open the Sage-notebook in a new tab of your browser:

Step 6. run cells

clicking “run” will run the selected cell. Here, the vectors M and D will be defined that specify the position of the reflector:

You can copy parts of a cell into a new cell and run them, or modify them and see what happens when you run them…

Next Steps

Check out example notebooks

Browse through help pages and tutorials

Get the Sage Book

Let us know if this description works for you, and — if not — where you encountered problems.

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