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Request for help to extend the Wiki


Lecture notes

  • provide reading memos [in a request inspired by Edwin F. Taylor,, Sanjoy Mahajan, and David Morin]
  • ideas on breaking the text into wiki pages, and about improving the cross linking
  • identify the competences that are developed upon going through the pages
  • identify and mark core material, and extensions that can be addressed in second reading and/or exam preparation [cf. the ideas about Competences and Skill Levels].


set up an index of competences with links to

  • sections of the notes that provide introductions
  • exercises

set up self-evaluation forms for exercises that

  • ask users to
    • rate difficulty and list necessary competences
    • identify competences they are lacking to solve the problem
    • suggest pointers to related problems
  • provide suggestions for further study and exercises
    • simpler → more advanced on the same topic
    • to fill in missing background

Skill levels

according to the skill-level more information becomes available

  • 1st reading: self-test problems with limited scope
  • lecture: with quizzes about the self-test problems
  • 2nd reading: solutions to self-test problems and comprehensive problems
  • exam preparation: solutions to comprehensive problems and problems on exam level
  • for high-performers: riddles and requests for participation

New material

* solutions for all exercises * animations, videos, and more description for exercises

New Features

Sage cells

  • interactive calculations in the Wiki

Self-test pages

  • react to user input
  • provide automatic homework correction and updates of skill level

teams * set up tasks * compete for fastest escape

Further discussion

I am happy about feedback on the present state, wishes for extensions, and suggestions for improvements.

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