I enjoy presenting lectures to different audiences: graduate courses, courses for freshman with physics as major or minor subjects, and popular-science lectures. On all occasions I strive to communicate my enthusiasm for physics and mathematical modeling. It is based on tracking universal concepts in the description of natural processes, and on formulating these concepts in a mathematical framework. Once one has mastered a problem in one context, this experience brings forth new insights into apparently different observations.

Introductory Courses in Theoretical Physics.

In Leipzig I have been teaching Introductory Courses in Analytical Mechanics in the German bachelor's program and for aspiring high-school teachers. Presently, I teach Theoretical Physics I. Theoretical Mechanics for students in the IPSP program.

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Graduate Courses in Physics and Applied Mathematics.

In Göttingen I have taught graduate courses on Climate Physics, Pattern Formation, Turbulence, Foundations of Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics. and a range of other topics. In Torino I offered courses on Mathematical Modelling of Biological Systems and Mathematical Modelling in Climate Science. In Leipzig I regularly offer courses on Stochastic Processes and on Nonlinear Dynamics and Pattern Formation.

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teaching graduate course (2012)

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Teaching Maths with Models and Instruments.

In the academic year 2015/16 I set up the soft- and hardware support for the digitization of the objects of the Göttingen Collection of Mathematical Models and Instruments, and I replicated objects by 3d printing to make them available for teaching again. Moreover, I develop new curricula for introductory mathematics classes tailored to physics, mathematics and computer science students.

with Stefan Halverscheid

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Seminars. Grasping every-day observations.

My favorite seminars address the modelling of every-day observations. Recently, we addressed Physics of Sports, Physics of Music, and the Physics of Mixed Drinks (which focused on coffee, tea and hot chocolate). The seminar topics were suggested by the students, who subsequently surveyed the literature, and occasionally were inspired to performed own research. Repeatedly, the insights developed in this seminar were later presented in Christmas- or graduation lectures. In the winter term 2018/19 I offer the seminar Physics of Music. In the next winter term I will offer a cross-disciplinary seminar on Patterns of Earth for Physics and Geoscience students.

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Outreach. Talks for Children and Non-Science Audiences.

Since 2007 I deliver outreach lectures for non-science audiences. My favourite topics are the Science of Coffee Making, and Surprises in the World of Granular Matter.

outreach lecture in children university (2011)

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