WiSe2019. Patterns of Earth


In the seminar we will discuss models for phenomena that shape our world

Fundamentals. Fluid Dynamics, Pattern Formation, Scaling and Self-Similarity
Drainage Divides, Coast Lines
Phase Transitions. Melting, Freezing, Segregation
Cloud Formation, Rain Initiation, Gysers, Minerals, Stalactites and Iciclies
Transport. Multiphase Flow, Plastic Flow, Granular Flow, Porous Media
Sediment Beds, Sand Dunes and Ripples, Glaciers, Lava Flows, Land Slides and Avalanches
Ground Water, Oil Production, Deep-Sea Thermal Vents
Shaping the Surface.      Fracture Dynamics, Avaraging and Long-Time Dynamics
Faults and Cracks, Subduction, Plate Tectonics, Weathering, Sea Ice Dynamics, Large Scale Ocean and Air Flows
Exoplanets.      Thermodynamics, Universality
Climate, Weather, Surface Structures

Topics where participants explore observations of their own field work are greatly appreciated.
We aspire to give out topics to tandems of a physics student and a student with a geoscience-background. Physics students can enroll via module 12-PHY-MWPHS7 Hauptseminar Theory of Condensed Matter, and geography student via module 12-GGR-B-02 Angewandte Geographie. Please contact us if you have other requirements about credits for this seminar.
On participant request handouts may be submitted in the form of a wiki-article.

Please contact me, Klaus Kroy, or Annett Krüger to arrange a contribution.

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Sessions: Preliminary Program

date    name 1    name 2    topic    presentation slides        handout/wiki-article

1019 10 16         ---      Immatrikulationsfeier
    1019 10 23                   Jürgen Vollmer      Introduction How to give talks
    1019 10 30           --- no meeting     
1.     1019 11 06    Annett Krüger     Jürgen Vollmer     Formation of Basalt Columns
    1019 11 13         --- meetings for talk preparation
    1019 11 20         --- public holiday: Buß und Bettag
2.     1019 11 27    Lea Javier Scaling and self similarity
3.     1019 12 04    Rojyar Julia Networks, Vegetation patterns
4.     2019 12 11    Tobias Carl Ice, glaciers, phase transitions
5.     2019 12 18       --- Caleb Volcanoes
6.     2020 01 08    Annika Fritz Pools and Geysers
7.     2020 01 15    Lisa Paveen Fracture, Plate Tectonics and Earth Quakes
8.     2019 01 22    Nele Moody Sand and Dunes
9.     2020 01 29    Paul Sanu Cloud Formation, Shapes and Patterns
10.     2019 02 05    Wilhelm Daniil Exoplanets

Geography talks are marked by indicating the speaker's name in bold face.


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  4. John Harte: Consider a Cylindrical Cow (Univ Science Books, 2001)
  5. Andrew C. Fowler: Mathematical Models in the Applied Sciences (Cambridge UP, 1997)
  6. Andrew C. Fowler: Mathematical Geoscience (Springer, 2011)

  1. NASA space images and their Earth Observatory's Image of the Day
  2. NASA images of change
  3. NASA Earth Now pages whose idea is described here
  4. Cloud Gallery of the Clouds Appreciations Society