CompPhys16 Electronic Proceedings

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 Hans Werner Diehl Fluctuation-induced forces in confined He and Bose gases
 Nikolaos Fytas Phase transitions in disordered systems: The example of the random-field Ising model in four dimensions
 Jonathan Groß Massively parallel multicanonical simulations on GPUs
 Hsiao-Ping Hsu Detailed analysis of Rouse mode and dynamic scattering function of highly entangled polymer melts in equilibrium
 Ferenc Iglói Random quantum systems with long-range interactions
 Nobuyasu Ito Social simulation with exascale computer
 Nikolay Izmailyan Critical Ising model with a defect line: Exact solution
 Benjamin Jäger Towards the QCD phase diagram using complex Langevin
 Sebastian Kapfer Melting in 2D and a fresh perspective on Monte Carlo
 Stanislav Kazmin The axial nucleon charge gA and its renormalization constant ZA using the point-split axial vector current operator on the lattice
 Hamid Khoshbakht On the uniform sampling of ground states in the ±J Ising spin-glass model
 Suman Majumder Scaling laws in polymer collapse: Lattice vs off-lattice
 Marco Müller Exact solutions to plaquette Ising models with free and periodic boundaries
 Francesco Parisen Toldin Critical behavior in the presence of an order-parameter pinning field
 Wolfgang Paul Quantum Hamilton equations: Derivation and application
 George Savvidy Spectrum and entropy of Anosov-Kolmogorov systems and MIXMAX generator
 Philipp Schierz he microcanonical barrier and the ensemble tailoring framework
 Stefan Schnabel Local energy minima of the 3d Edwards-Anderson model
 Timur Shakirov Folding in small polyethylene systems: Single chains and few chains
 Martin Weigel Population annealing: Massively parallel simulations in statistical physics
 Johannes Zierenberg Canonical free-energy barrier of particle and polymer cluster formation

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 Arne Böker SAMC simulation of alanine and glutamine oligomers
 Henrik Christiansen Coarsening and aging of lattice polymers
 Pascal Fieth Improving causal Gaussian Bayesian network inference using parallel tempering
 Niklas Fricke Asymptotic scaling behavior of self-avoiding walks on critical percolation clusters
 Ravinder Kumar Approximate ground states of the random-field Potts model from a graph-cut method and parallel tempering
 Hendrik Schawe Convex hulls of self-avoiding random walks: A large-deviation study