Fees paid and Hotel reservations

The list of received registration fees can be downloaded » here as pdf file (as of 03/25 20:21).

The Hotel list can be downloaded » here as pdf file (as of 03/27 14:18).

All (non-invited) particpants will stay in the MARK HOTEL GARNI (see infos under "Locations").

Please note that the Hotel reservation can only be guaranteed if we have received the registration fee or get some confirmation that the payment has been initiated. Please also keep in mind that the money transfer may take a while and that also the University administration needs some time to process incoming payments and to issue updated account statements.

If you do not find yourself in the "green range" of the list, please fax some confirmation of payment to +49 341 97 32 548.

Invited speakers

Günter Ahlers UC Santa Barbara, USA
Hagen Kleinert FU Berlin, Germany
David P. Landau Univ. of Georgia, USA
Hartmut Löwen Düsseldorf, Germany
Georg Maret Konstanz, Germany
Zoltán Rácz Budapest, Hungary
Sidney Redner Boston Univ., USA
Matthias Troyer ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Royce Zia Virginia Tech, USA
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