Workshop (one day)

Dispersion forces and dissipation

November 1, 2017
at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, Universitšt Leipzig


R. Bennett (U Freiburg), A sum rule for perfect electromagnetic conductor (PEMC) Casimir forces

M. Bordag (U Leipzig), Casimir and Casimir-Polder forces with dissipation from first principles

G. Ingold (U Augsburg), Aspects of the Casimir effect in the sphere-plane geometry

C. Henkel (U. Potsdam), Entropy production and entanglement forces?

F. Intravaia (HU Berlin), Thermodynamics of overdamped electromagnetic modes

G. Klimchitskaya (St.Petersburg), The Casimir effect for thin films and the models of dissipation

A. Lopez (IQOQI Innsbruck), Heat flux and Casimir forces in non-equilibrium scenarios

V. Mostepanenko (St.Petersburg), Universal experimental test for the role of dissipation in the Casimir effect

I. Pirozhenko (JINR Dubna)

S. Scheel (U Rostock)