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  • <2023-12-13 Wed> Change in the university's firewall configuration. Only web server and dedicated login nodes remain open to everyone outside of the university network, see "Terminal servers". Everything else must be accessed by the outer servers.
  • <2017-05-02 Tue> Updated configuration of SPAM detection. SPAM is now never rejected, but always marked in the subject. User rules can be added by considering the SPAM values reported in the source of the message. Messages without a subject are always marked as possible spam.
  • <2017-01-31 Tue> Performance-monitor ganglia working again (available from inside the institute network)
  • <2017-01-31 Tue> SFB nodes added to cluster in new queue - crc (Collaborative Research Centres)
  • <2016-01-19 Tue> Printer queues p# set to monochrome printing, use queues c# for color printing
  • <2016-01-19 Tue> Printer p1 replaced/available
  • <2015-11-12 Thu> Cluster is updated to debian jessie, for mpi users submitting scripts has changed, see mpi section in Compute Clusters
  • <2015-11-12 Thu> The long queue is not longer available, use –qos=long instead
  • <2015-11-12 Thu> New gcc version available, use module load gcc/5.1
  • <2015-11-12 Thu> New clang version available, use module load clang/3.7
  • <2015-10-08 Thu> Intel Compiler license renewed until 12/2016
  • <2015-06-18 Thu> Julia Language version 0.4 available, use module load julia/0.4
  • <2015-06-18 Thu> print server also available as
  • <2015-04-14 Tue> gnuplot 5.0 available, use module load gnuplot/5.0
  • <2015-03-02 Mon> LLVM 3.6 available, use module load clang/3.6 to user
  • <2015-03-02 Mon> Julia Programming language (update to 0.3.6)
  • <2015-02-24 Tue> Mathematica 10.0 available, use modules to run older versions if necessary
  • <2015-01-01 Thu> Intel Composer XE 15 compiler suite available, use module load intel/15
  • <2014-11-04 Tue> Switched to slurm queuing system, a new account have to be created for every user, pls send an e-mail to helpdesk if you need one
  • <2014-10-23 Thu> Queuing system still broken, we work on it
  • <2014-10-21 Tue> Mendeley desktop (literature management and citation manager), run mendeleydesktop
  • <2014-10-21 Tue> Julia (0.3.1) Programming language, use module load julia/0.3
  • <2014-09-08 Mon> LLVM 3.5 available, use module load clang/3.5
  • <2014-08-28 Thu> Maintenance of compute cluster
  • <2014-08-25 Mon> Intel Fortran, C and C++ compilers available, use module load intel/14 to use
  • <2014-08-25 Mon> Cuda 6.5 available, use module load cuda/6.5 to use
  • <2014-08-19 Tue> Skype 4.3 available
  • <2014-04-30 Wed> Horde Webmail / Groupware available:
  • Environment modules available to select software
  • Remote Desktop clients x2goclient and xfreerdp available on workstations
  • Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) access to terminal servers available additional to X2Go
  • E-Mail can be sent also from outside the ITP/University network. Please check the E-Mail page.
  • New File server and backup system in use. This means, the quotas could be increased largely.
  • Dedicated Terminal servers stern, fermi additional to benjamin and bobrowski. There are also terminal servers on the cluster frontend servers kreacher, dobby, emmy


Created: 2023-12-13 Wed 16:27