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Environment Modules

For some software multiple versions are available. To use it, the environment has to be set up. This is easily achieved using environment modules. For example, to use GCC 4.9 execute

module load gcc/4.9
module avail list available modulues
module load <name> load specified module
module unload <name> unload specified module

If the module command is not available in your shell, make sure it loads /etc/profile, or loads /usr/share/modules/init/<shell> in some other way.

You can load modules in your init files (.bashrc and so forth) to set up a common session.


TeX Live

The TeX live version currently installed in the institute is TeX Live 2007. Even after the planned update of Debian this will only upgrade to TeX live 2009. Therefore there is a local current TeX live installation available in /opt/texlive/current.

To use the current TeX live distribution (2011) setup paths

source texlive-paths

The best way to do this is to add it to your ~/.profile file and load it in your shell. You can accomplish it in the following way:

echo "source texlive-paths" >> ~/.profile

In order to load the settings from the ~/.profile file in your shell add:

source ~/.profile

to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc file.

To use it with KDE, you can do the following:

[ -d ~/.kde/env ] || mkdir -p ~/.kde/env

cat > ~/.kde/env/ <<EOF

source ~/.profile

chmod +x ~/.kde/env/


Computer Algebra Systems


Mathematica will ask for a license the first time it is started. Please enter the network license.

We have a network license of Mathematica 11 that allows the concurrent usage of up to 9 Mathematica instances. The license server is or You can enter this address under "Help"->"Enter Activation Key"->"Other ways to activate". The license server is administrated by

Please do close unused Mathematica sessions. To check license usage use the monitorlm utility. If Mathematica is killed, it will take some time until the license returns to the pool (possibly about 15 minutes).

TODO Maple





Netmon ( /net/nfs/opt/bin/netmon, run netmon) is a workstation utilization monitor. Use it to monitor any launched distributed processes on the network or to find free hosts for running computations.

TODO Various Windows desktop publishing software

such as Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Publisher is available on the Windows PC in the printer room (at least when someone moves it there).



render pdf files to grayscale. Handy to check what color figures will look like when printed.

scales figures from gnuplot terminal pslatex (auxfile) keeping the fontsize (type –help for a little help) (24/11/03)


provides LaTeX-commands to print structure formulas of chemical compounds, see LaTeX-Packages documentation (18/09/03)


This package is provided to assist generating a glossary, see documentation (13/10/05)

CGAL geometry library

To use the CGAL geometry library ensure that the following variable is set export CGALMAKEFILE=/soft2/CGAL-2.4/make/makefilei686Linux-2.4.19g++-2.95

NAG20 library

For an example on how to use the NAG20 library (numerical compution) create an empty directory and execute /opt/NAG20/scripts/nagexample x02ajf where x02ajf is from /opt/NAG20/examples/source.



Emacs like keys for 'konsole" and zsh

Add the following to your ~/.inputrc:

## for ITP
# alt + right
"^[[1;3C": forward-word
# alt + left
"^[[1;3D": backward-word

you can load it in zsh by the following command in your ~/.zshrc

bindkey -e
# bind special keys according to readline configuration
eval "$(sed -n 's/^/bindkey /; s/: / /p' ~/.inputrc)"

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