Remote Desktop with Terminal Servers

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Available terminal servers

Host Notes
fermi Dedicated virtual terminal server
stern Dedicated virtual terminal server
benjamin TKM Mathematica server
bobrowski TKM Mathematica server
dobby CQT cluster frontend
emmy STP cluster frontend
kreacher ITP cluster frontend
grawp currently out of service

To use the cluster frontends, you need a cluster account.

SSH / Command line session

Text based sessions are initialized using SSH:

ssh [-AXY] <host>

Programs with graphical user interfaces need X Forwarding activated (Option -X or -Y)

Remote Desktop: X2Go

Desktop sessions are available via X2Go terminal server sessions. The client software is installed on our workstations. To use remote desktop with your own computer, install the X2Go client software for your operating system and configure a session using your user account and password or SSH key:


Figure 1: Example setup, note that not all listed session types are available (but at least KDE, XFCE and awesome will be)

The following session types are available:

KDE Just select KDE
XFCE4 Select "Other Desktop Environment" / "Andere Desktopumgebung" and enter "startxfce4" as Command

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

RDP is currently supported on the terminal servers. Use clients such as xfreerdp or Windows Remote Desktop Connection.

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