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The version 4.0.0 is installed. The documentation is here. The official homepage with lots of tips & tricks is here. The beta version 4.1 is installed as well.

Intel Fortran and C/C++ compilers

To use the intel high-performance Fortran and C/C++ compilers you have to source the files

. /opt/bin/

for the Fortran compiler resp.

. /opt/bin/

for the C/C++ compiler (note the leading dot). The compilers are invoked by ifort (Fortran) resp. icc (C/C++). Consult the docs listed above.


Maple Version 8 runs on all machines thanks to a campus licence. Start it using xmaple and maple, resp.


A network license of Mathematica version 5.2 is installed (on all maschines). The graphical interface is started with mathematica and the text mode interface with math. If there are no free licenses  then start mathematica_5.1 or math_5.1.


Matlab Version 6 runs on cranach and schiller with a one-user license only. Start it with
matlab -c /soft2/Matlab/etc/license.dat.schiller on schiller.

If the licence is in use, the command
/soft2/Matlab/etc/lmstat -A -c /soft2/Matlab/etc/license.dat.schiller
shows the user of the schiller license.

Microsoft Office

You can run the Microsoft Office 2000 applications "Word", "Excel" and "Powerpoint" by means of the Crossover Office software. The corresponding links should appear in your program menu if you are using the KDE desktop.


  • 24/11/03 scales figures from gnuplot terminal pslatex (auxfile) keeping the fontsize (type --help for a little help)
  • 18/09/03 chemtex.sty provides LaTeX-commands to print structure formulas of chemical compounds, see LaTeX-Packages documentation
  • 13/10/05 glossary.sty This package is provided to assist generating a glossary, see documentation.
  • Tecplot Version 9.0 is a scientific plotting program by Tecplot, Inc.. We have a 2-user network license. Start it using tecplot.
  • On the Windows PC in the printer room desktop publishing software such as Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Publisher.
  • To use the CGAL geometry library ensure that the following variable is set
    export CGAL_MAKEFILE=/soft2/CGAL-2.4/make/makefile_i686_Linux-2.4.19_g++-2.95
  • For an example on how to use the NAG20 library (numerical compution) create an empty directory and execute /opt/NAG20/scripts/nagexample x02ajf where x02ajf is from /opt/NAG20/examples/source.