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Curriculum Vitae

 Curriculum Vitae 

Personal Details
Name:Martin Weigel
Date of birth:September 6, 1972
Place of birth:Neustadt a.d. Weinstr.
Marital status:married, no children
Address:Mathematics Department, School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Colin Maclaurin Building, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh EH14 4AS, Scotland, UK
08.1979-06.1983 basic school Bornheim/Dammheim
08.1983-06.1992 high-school "Max-Slevogt" Landau,
degree "Abitur" with overall grade 1.0
10.1992-03.1998 study of physics at the University "Johannes-Gutenberg" Mainz
03.1997-03.1998 diploma thesis on "Numerical tests of conjectures of conformal field theory for three-dimensional systems" in the condensed matter theory group
supervisor: Prof. Dr. K. Binder
03.1998 finals with overall grade "sehr gut" (excellent)
03.1995-03.1998 philosophy and business science studies at Mainz University
Ph.D. study
since 05.1998 graduate studies at the University of Leipzig,
Ph.D. thesis on "Vertex models on random graphs" in the Computer-Oriented Quantum-Field Theory Group
supervisor: Prof. Dr. W. Janke
05.2002 turned in thesis to the University of Leipzig
10.2002 defended thesis and received degree "dr. rer. nat." with first class honours (summa cum laude)
Professional experience
10.1998-10.2001 fellow of the DFG graduate studies programme "Quantum field theory" at the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the University of Leipzig
01.2002-09.2002 teaching assistant and computer systems administrator at the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the University of Leipzig
11.2002-10.2003 post-doctoral fellow of the DFG graduate studies programme "Quantum field theory" at the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the University of Leipzig
11.2003-08.2005 post-doctoral fellow in the Condensed Matter Theory group of the University of Waterloo with Prof. Dr. Michel Gingras
since 09.2005 Individual Marie Curie Intra-European Fellow of the 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission with Prof. D. A. Johnston, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
Teaching experience
03.1997-07.1997 teaching assistant of the physics introductory laboratory course at Mainz University
10.1997-02.1998 teaching assistant of the lecture "Physics of atoms and molecules" at Mainz University, led weekly seminars
10.2000-02.2001 teaching assistant of the lecture "Statistical physics" at Leipzig University, led weekly seminars
05.2000-04.2003 co-supervision of two diploma students
International exchange
07.1998-07.2001 participant of the DAAD-ARC exchange project "Vertex Models on Random Graphs" with Prof. Dr. D. A. Johnston, Edinburgh, UK
01.1999-12.2000 participant of the DAAD-NSC exchange project "Multicanonical Monte Carlo Approach to Spin Models" with Prof. Dr. C.-K. Hu, Taipei, Taiwan
04.2000-04.2004 participant of the EC research network EUROGRID "Discrete Random Geometries: from solid state physics to quantum gravity"
since 09.2005 participant of the EC research network ENRAGE, "Random Geometry and Random Matrices: From Quantum Gravity to Econophysics"
Organizational activities
05.2000-06.2000 scientific secretary of the Workshop LEILAT00, "10th Workshop on Lattice Field Theory", University of Leipzig, June 1-3, 2000
12.2000 scientific secretary of the Workshop CompPhys00 Workshop on Computational Physics, University of Leipzig, December 16, 2000
09.2001-03.2002 technical advisor for the 66th spring meeting of the German Physical Society (DPG), March 18-22, 2002
Related experience
05.1998-10.2003 co-administrator of the cluster of about 50 PCs and workstations as well as a 40 CPU Beowulf cluster at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Leipzig
01.2004-08.2005 software planning and setup, administration of the 162 CPU Beowulf cluster "Hydra" at the Physics Department of the University of Waterloo
Scientific experience and skills
  • Spin glasses and other frustrated magnetic systems
  • The dynamical triangulations approach to quantum gravity
  • Conformal field theory in the context of lattice models
  • Annealed and quenched disorder in statistical mechanics and lattice field theory
  • The analysis of fluctuating geometries and their effect on coupled matter
  • Monte Carlo simulations of spin models and percolation problems, cluster algorithms, histogram techniques, generalized ensemble simulations
  • Analysis of restricted geometries, finite-size scaling methods
  • Statistical data analysis: resampling schemes, jackknife method
  • Optimization problems in statistical physics, combinatorial optimization, genetic algorithms
  • Holstein-Primakoff spin-wave approach for disordered spin systems and related methods
Computer skills
  • Comprehensive experience with C/C++ and Fortran application programming
  • Practical UNIX/Linux system administration, systems design and maintenance
  • Experience with programming for massively parallel architectures
  • Programming experience with data visualization (OpenGL, vtk)
Foreign languages
  • Fluent in English
  • Basic competence in French
  • A-level in Latin

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