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Corona Measures

Note that there are page with further information given by the University Service Information and the city of leipzig, and the university hospital (only in German).

Rules for attending lectures

Lecture visits are allowed

  • in principle, even if you have a mild cold
  • however, I urgently ask you to rather stay at home and follow the online lectures in such a case!

In case of symptoms

Quarantaine measures

Lecture visits are not allowed

  • with a positive test
  • with any of the following symptoms:
    • Fever above 38 °C,
    • cough,
    • diarrhea,
    • vomiting,
    • general feeling of illness (fatigue, headache),
    • odor or taste problems

In case of more severe symptoms contact

  • your doctor (GP) or
  • the medical on-call service on 116 117

In case of a positive self-test or rapid test

In case of a positive PCR test,

  • follow the instructions of the health authorities
  • send an email to the university detailing your visited lectures and seminars of the past 10 days

In case of contact with an infected person,

  • stay at home for 5 days
  • check yourself with a self-test or get a test in a testing facilities before returning to the lectures
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