If not particularly announced, the CQT group seminars in the Winter Term 2023/24 take place as "Lunch Seminars" on Thursday from 01:00 - 02:30 p.m. Depending on the pandemic situation and the associated rules, the talks will be presented ONLINE via Zoom or in person in the small ITP seminar room 114 in Brüderstr. 16.

Group Seminars Winter Term 2023/24

07.12. Till Pfaff tba (FS1 - 45 mins)
19.12. Tue/Wed, 19./20.12.2023: 24rd Workshop CompPhys23 [in person, Linnestr.]

Group Seminars Summer Term 2023

18.05. Public Holiday ("Christi Himmelfahrt")

Group Seminars Winter Term 2022/23

24.11. 23rd NTZ Workshop CompPhys22 [only ONLINE via Zoom and GatherTown]

Group Seminars Summer Term 2022

03.05. Stanislav Kazmin Ising model in three dimensions with long-range power-law correlated site disorder: A Monte Carlo study (PhD Defense), SPECIAL date/time: Tuesday, 11:00
09.05. Fabian Edgü Goal distributions of soccer games analysed by Markov chains (Master Thesis Defense - 30 mins), SPECIAL date/time: Monday, 11:00
26.05. Public Holiday ("Christi Himmelfahrt")
02.06. Denis Gessert Superdiffusion-like behavior in the case of zero-temperature coarsening in the d = 3 Ising model (FS1 - 45 mins), SPECIAL time: 11:00 am
09.06. Maximilian Conradi Collapse dynamics of the helix-coil transition in polyalanine (Master thesis Defense - 30 mins), SPECIAL date/time: Monday, 13.06., 12:30
21.07. Denis Gessert Persistence and aging in the case of zero-temperature coarsening in the d = 3 Ising model (FS2 - 45 mins), SPECIAL time: 11:00 am
07.09. Johannes Bock PhD Defense, SPECIAL date/time: Wed, 15:00
29.09 Denis Gessert Nonequilibrium studies of the three-dimensional Ising model at zero temperature (Master Thesis Defence - 30 mins), SPECIAL time: 15:30

Group Seminars Winter Term 2021/22

14.10. Fabian Edgü Goal distribution of soccer games analyzed by Markov chains (FS2 - 45 mins)
10.11. Maximilian Conradi Folding dynamics of the helix-coil transition in polyalanin (FS1 - 45 mins), SPECIAL date and time: Wednesday, 05:00 pm
11.11. Cristian Popov Phase ordering kinetics of the one-dimensional Ising model (Master thesis defense - 30 mins)
18.11. Dustin Warkotsch Properties of bundles in grafted homopolymer systems (Master thesis defense - 30 mins)
25.11. 22nd NTZ Workshop CompPhys21 [only ONLINE via Zoom and GatherTown]
16.12. Markus Heber Comparing the effectiveness of multicanonical simulations and parallel tempering simulations (Master thesis defense - 30 mins), ONLINE via Zoom
10.03. Maximilian Conradi Collapse dynamics of the helix-coil transition in polyalanin (FS2 - 45 mins), SPECIAL date and time: Thursday, 12:00 am, ONLINE via Zoom

Group Seminars Summer Term 2021

15.04. All Coordination
13.05. Public Holiday ("Christi Himmelfahrt") & MECO46 Conference (Riga, Latvia)
20.05. Markus Heber MUCA simulations with parallel tempering profil (FS1 - 45 mins)
27.05. Chris Allen Quasi-nonergodicity, microcanonical algorithms & the Potts model (FS2 - 45 mins)
03.06. Dustin Warkotsch Properties of bundles in polymer systems (FS2 - 45 mins)
10.06. Cristian Popov OpenAI (HS - 45 mins)
17.06. Mikhail Padalko (Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russia & CQT/ITP) Changing ground-state configurations when changing coupling constants in 2D fbc Edwards-Anderson model: Ground state search on quantum computer
08.07. Cristian Popov Phase-ordering kinetics of the one-dimensional long-range Ising model (FS2 - 45 mins)
16.07. Jan Zimbelmann Super-resolution with convolutional neural networks for the 1D, 2D and 3D Ising model (Master thesis defense - 30 mins), Friday at 03:15 p.m.
22.07. Markus Heber Multicanonical simulations versus parallel tempering (FS2 - 45 mins)
23.07. Chris Allen Quasi-nonergodicity, microcanonical Monte Carlo & parallel tempering (Master thesis defense - 30 mins), Friday at 11:00 a.m.

Group Seminars Winter Term 2020/21

08.10. Dustin Warkotsch Grafted polymer bundles (FS1 - 45 mins)
15.10. Fabian Edgue Modellierung von Ergebnissen im Profifußball (FS1 - 45 mins)
29.10. Markus Heber Acceptance rates of the 1D Ising model (Report on "Theoretikum" - 30 mins)
05.11. Jan Zimbelmann 1D Ising model renormalization group and super resolution with convoluational neural networks (HS - 45 mins)
12.11. Max Staats Domain growth in the two-dimensional short-range Ising model for non-conserved order parameter (Report on "Theoretikum" - 30 mins) [only ONLINE via BBB]
19.11. Henrik Christiansen Coarsening and aging of spin and polymer systems (tentative)
03.12. 21st NTZ Workshop CompPhys20 [only ONLINE via Zoom and GatherTown]
17.12. Jan Zimbelmann Evaluation and implementation of the 1D Ising model super resolution procedure (Report on "Theoretikum" - 30 mins) & Introduction to the 2D Ising model super resolution procedure (FS2 - 45 mins) [only ONLINE via Zoom]
14.01. Cristian Popov Phase-ordering kinetics of 1D Ising model (FS1 - 45 mins) [ONLINE via Zoom]
21.01. Chris Allen Quasi-nonergodicity, microcanonical algorithms, and the Potts model (FS1 - 45 mins) [ONLINE via Zoom]
04.02. Stanislav Kazmin Should I use my knowledge? - Current state of my PhD Thesis on the disordered Ising model and my adventures with global fits [ONLINE via Zoom]

Group Seminars Summer Term 2020

09.04. all Coordination

Group Seminars Winter Term 2019/20

17.10. all Coordination
24.10. Devesh Jawla Fitting with one parameter less (Report on "Theoretikum" - 30 mins)
31.10. Public Holiday
07.11. Henrik Christiansen/ Fabio Müller Pitfalls in implementing a Monte Carlo simulation of the 2D Ising model
14.11. Tobias Weiß Simulation des 2d Ising Modells auf der GPU und Anwendungen auf ein Interpolationsmodell (Master thesis defense - 30 mins)
21.11. - -
28.11. 20th NTZ Workshop CompPhys19
05.12. Jan Zimbelmann Ising model super resolution with convolutional neural networks (FS1 - 45 mins)
Devesh Jawla Machine learning Monte Carlo simulations (FS1 - 45 mins)
12.12. Max Staats Influence of the cut-off range on phase ordering kinetics in the long-range Ising model (Report on Bachelor thesis)
09.01. Dustin Warkotsch Behaviour and structures of grafted polymers (Report on "Theoretikum" - 30 mins)
16.01. Hans Falk Boundary against equally scaling bulk effect on the example of the Ising model (Master thesis defense - 30 mins)
30.01. Cristian Popov 1D long-range Ising model - A comparison of two algorithms (Report on "Theoretikum" - 30 mins)

Group Seminars Summer Term 2019

04.04. DPG Spring Meeting Regensburg
11.04. Stanislav Kazmin Status report: Long-range correlated disorder
25.04. Hans Falk Flat histogram resampling (FS1 - 45 mins)
08.05. Alex Panchot Precision of 1/t Wang-Landau method (Report on project work - 30 mins. Please note the special date (Wed) and location (SR 113 (Computerpool))
16.05. Suman Majumder An explicit solvent framework for polymer dynamics
23.05. Hoang Linh Nguyen Swarm relaxation (Report on project work - 30 mins)
Prof. Dr. Subir K. Das (Bangalore, India) How does a coarsening ferromagnet lose the memory of its origin? DFH-UFA Colloquium at 5:00 pm, SR 210
30.05. Public Holiday ("Christi Himmelfahrt")
06.06. SFB/TRR102 Mini-Symposium
13.06. Denis Gessert Anomalous zero-temperature phase-ordering dynamics of the 3D Ising model with a GPU implementation
Piotr Kuterba (Jagiellonian University Cracow, Poland) Field theoretical and simulation approach to dilute solutions of ring polymers with excluded-volume interaction in a slit geometry with mixed boundary conditions
20.06. Subhajit Paul Dynamics of a flexible polymer with Vicsek-like active beads
27.06. Piotr Kuterba (Jagiellonian University Cracow, Poland) Molecular dynamics simulations of a single polymer chain confined in a slit between one attractive and one repulsive wall
04.07. Jude Ann Vishnu (Mohali, India) MC simulation of q-states Potts model with invisible states on a 2d lattice for studying nonequilibrium aspects
11.07. Hans Falk 2D Ising model in external field with fixed boundary conditions (FS2 - 45 mins) at 03:30 p.m.

Group Seminars Winter Term 2018/19

18.10. Prof. Dr. Peter Grassberger (FZ Jülich) Self-repelling biased walks on arbitrary graphs and YAMMI (Yet Another Monte-carlo Method for dummIes) (NTZ/DFH-UFA Colloquium at 05:00 pm)
25.10. Subhajit Paul Growth of droplets in a Vicsek-like active matter system
01.11. All Coordination
15.11. Stefan Schnabel Simulation of a large polymer with untruncated interaction near the collapse
29.11. 19th NTZ Workshop CompPhys18
13.12. Fabio Müller Simulations of poly-3-hexyl-thiophenes
20.12. Pablo Gottheil Rich and not richer (Report on "Theoretikum" - 30 mins)
10.01. Stanislav Kazmin Spin models in long-range power-law correlated disorder
17.01. Suman Majumder Universal finite-size scaling for kinetics of phase separation in multicomponent mixture
24.01. Subhajit Paul Report on "Oscillations in Aggregation-Shattering Processes" (S.A. Matveev et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 260601 (2017))
07.02. Tobias Weiß Simulation of 2d Ising lattices on the GPU and a first try modelization of the vitreous state within the Ising spin (FS2 - 45 mins)

Group Seminars Summer Term 2018

12.04. All Coordination
19.04. Dimitrij Tschodu Learning machine learning (FS2 - 45 mins), at 1:30 pm, computer pool
26.04. Jakob Lochner Analysis of the self-learning Monte Carlo method (Report on "Theoretikum" - 30 mins)
10.05. Public Holiday ("Christi Himmelfahrt")
16.05. Dr. Jaroslav Ilnytskyi (Institute for Condensed Matter Physics, Lviv, Ukraine) Patchy ligand shell nanoparticles: Modelling and micronetwork formation, at 05:00 pm in SR 210
17.05. Jakob Bürgermeister The three-dimensional Lennard-Jones gas: A finite-size scaling study
24.05. Stefan Schnabel Polymer simulations with binary trees
31.05. Martin Marenz Semiflexible polymer morphologies
07.06. Lisa Fiedler HP polymers under investigation - A coarse-grained approach to study protein folding (Master thesis defense - 30 mins)
13.06. Martin Marenz Morphologies of semiflexible polymers in bulk and spherical confinement (PhD thesis defense), at 01:45 pm in SR 114
14.06. Hans-Joachim Lange
21.06. Dr. Johannes Zierenberg (MPI for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Göttingen) Homeostatic plasticity and external input shape neural network dynamics
28.06. Stanislav Kazmin The programming language "Julia"
05.07. Hans Falk Greedy forager (HS - 45 mins)
12.07. Dimitrij Tschodu Machine learning the q-state Potts model (Master thesis defense - 30 mins)

Group Seminars Winter Term 2017/18

19.10. Dimitrij Tschodu Machine learning the q-state Potts model (FS1 - 45 mins)
26.10. Chris Allen Microcanonical simulations of phase transitions in the Potts model
02.11. Henrik Christiansen Efficient method of simulating with long-range interactions: The case of coarsening in the Ising model
09.11. Kseniia Shapovalova (Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russia & ITP/CQT) High-performance algorithms for the research of frustrated systems of spin ice and spin glass
16.11. Lisa Fiedler HP proteins (FS2 - 45 mins)
23.11. all Discussion round and Workshop preparation
30.11. 18th NTZ Workshop CompPhys17
07.12. Momchil Ivanov Monte Carlo simulations of polythiophene chains of various lengths in contact with substrates (PhD pre-examination talk)
14.12. Stanislav Kazmin Site-diluted Ising model - towards long-range correlated disorder
04.01. Suman Majumder tba
11.01. Simon Schneider The 3D gonihedric Ising model and its phase diagram for \kappa \ne 0 (Master thesis defense)
18.01. David Nicolai Oberthür Two-dimensional Monte Carlo simulations of coarse-grained Poly(3-Hexylthiophene) polymers on striped substrates (Master thesis defense)
25.01. Dr. Fabian Senf (Leibniz-Institut für Troposphärenforschung e.V., AG Satellitenfernerkundung) Statistical physics approaches for deep convection in the tropical atmosphere
01.02. Marco Müller Nonstandard finite-size effects at discontinuous phase transitions - Degenerate low-temperature states and boundary conditions (PhD thesis defense), at 01:45 pm
08.02. Johannes Bock Polymers in quenched disordered media (PhD pre-examination talk), at 5:00 pm
27.02. Ronja Stübel Finite-size scaling of Monte Carlo simulations for the FCC Ising antiferromagnet: Effects of the low-temperature phase degeneracy (Master thesis defense), Tuesday at 3:00 pm

Group Seminars Summer Term 2017

06.04.. Fabio Müller Broad energy ensembles for spin glasses - seeking for the best weights (FS2 - 45 mins)
Tobias Weiß GPU simulation of 2d Ising models and application to a model of interpolation (FS1 - 45 mins)
13.04. - -
20.04. Lisa Fiedler Spin glasses (HS - 45 mins)
27.04. Henrik Christiansen Nonequilibrium investigation of (bio-)physical systems: Coarsening, aging, and persistence
04.05. - -
11.05. Dimitrij Tschodu Machine learning and physics: From simple classifications to detection of phase transitions (HS - 45 mins)
18.05. Stefan Schnabel MC squared
25.05. Public Holiday ("Christi Himmelfahrt")
01.06. Simon Schneider Exploring the phase diagram of the 3D gonihedric Ising model (FS2 - 45 mins)
08.06. Dr. Lev Barash (Landau Institute, Chernogolovka, Russia) Applying population annealing to first- and second-order phase transitions (NTZ/DFH-UFA and EU IRSES Network DIONICOS Colloquium)
15.06. EU Network DIONICOS Steering Committee Meeting in Lviv, Ukraine
22.06. David Nicolai Oberthür 2D Metropolis simulations of coarse grained P3HT polymers adsorbed on striped substrates (FS2 - 45 mins)
29.06. Lisa Fiedler Ground-state search for HP Polymers (FS1 - 45 mins)
06.07. Ronja StübelThe fcc Ising antiferromagnet: Results (FS2 - 45 mins, 03:00 p.m.)
Paul Spitzner Two perspectives on the condensation-evaporation transition of the Lennard-Jones gas in 2D (Master thesis defence, 4:15 p.m.)
07.07. Dr. Johannes Zierenberg (MPI Dynamics and Self-Organization, Göttingen) Homeostatic plasticity in neural networks induces a diverse range of dynamic states
19.07 1st SFB-TRR102/DFH-UFA Halle-Leipzig Discussion Meeting "HalLei17", 02:30 p.m. - 07:00 p.m.
20.07. Marina Fadeeva (Landau Institute, Chernogolovka, and Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia) Control of accuracy in the Wang-Landau algorithm
12.09. Fabio Müller Non-flat histogram methods for spin glasses (Master thesis defence)
Prof. Dr. Ulrich H.E. Hansmann (University of Oklahoma, USA) Direct coupling analysis (04:30 p.m.)

Group Seminars Winter Term 2016/17

13.10. Philipp Schierz Phase transitions in various ensembles
20.10. Fabio MüllerShaping dynamics - Non-flat histogramm techniques for spin glasses (FS1 - 45 mins)
27.10. Dr. Lev Barash (Landau Institute, Chernogolovka, Russia) Monte Carlo calculations with the population annealing algorithm and its massively parallel realization (NTZ/DFH-UFA and EU IRSES Network DIONICOS Colloquium)
03.11. Prof. Dr. George Savvidy (Demokritos Nat. Res. Centre, Athens, Greece) The gonihedric Ising model (NTZ/DFH-UFA Colloquium)
10.11. all Faculty Review 2016
17.11. Dr. Nikolay Izmailyan (Yerevan Physics Institute, Armenia): Ising model on plane: numerical solution (NTZ/DFH-UFA and EU IRSES Network DIONICOS Colloquium)
24.11. 17th NTZ Workshop CompPhys16
01.12. all Coordination
08.12. Paul Spitzner Exploring the condensation/evaporation transition in two times two dimensions (FS1 - 45 mins)
Dr. Arnulf Möbius (IFW Dresden) Various tricks and optimisation strategies: Experience gained in doing computer experiments for 35 years (DFH-UFA Colloquium at 04:15 pm)
14.12. all Christmas Party at 7:00 pm
05.01. Philipp Schierz Properties of microcanonical phase transitions
11.01. Philipp Schierz Liquid-gas-like phase transitions in various ensembles (PhD Thesis Defence) (at 2:30 pm, SR113)
19.01. all Round-Table discussion
26.01. Simon Schneider Towards the phase diagram of the 3D gonihedric Ising model (FS1 - 45 mins)
02.02. Suman Majumder Kinetics of phase seggregation inside a nanopore
16.03. Ronja Stübel The fcc Ising antiferromagnet (FS1 - 45 mins)
Paul F. Spitzner About density, surface tension and compressibility (FS2 - 45 mins)

Group Seminars Summer Term 2016

14.04. Philipp Schierz Milking the beast - Finite-size scaling in the barostatic isothermal ensemble (NPT) from 2D MUCA simulations
20.04. Paul Spitzner The Münchhausen trick: Pulling oneself up by one’s bootstrap (HS - 45 mins) (at 4:30 pm)
Shane Carlson Weighted histogram analysis method using multivariate minimization algorithms (at 5:30 pm )
28.04. Niklas Fricke Polymers in Fractal Disorder (PhD Thesis Defence) (at 2:00 pm)
05.05. Public Holiday ("Christi Himmelfahrt")
12.05. Marius Bause Fisher zeros of semiflexible interacting self-avoiding walks (FS2 - 45 mins)
Nerses S. Ananikian Magnetization plateau & partition function zeros on a diamond chain: Spin-1/2 & 1 Ising-Heisenberg models (at 4:15 pm - NTZ Colloquium)
02.06. Ravinder Kumar Disordered spin systems and exchange Monte Carlo method
09.06 Suman Majumder Coarsening and aging of polymers
Marco Müller Sigma-tau transformation for (gonihedric) Ising models
16.06. Fabio Müller Unflat histogram techniques for spin glasses
30.06. Marius Bause Fisher-zeros of semiflexible interacting self-avoiding walk (Master Thesis Defence) (at 02:15 pm in SR 113)
RAL Summer Party (starting at 03:30 pm)
06.07. Prof. Dr. Subir K. Das (Bangalore, India) Continuously varying growth exponent in kinetics of vapor-solid phase transitions (NTZ/DFH-UFA Seminar at 05:00 pm in SR 113)
07.07. Nicolai Oberthür 2D Metropolis simulations of coarse-grained P3HT polymers (FS1 - 45 mins)
28.07. Henrik Christiansen Kinetics of the collapse transition in lattice polymers (at 4:15 pm. FS2 - 45 mins)
20.09. Henrik Christiansen Kinetics of the collapse transition in lattice polymers (Master Thesis Defence) (at 03:00 pm)

Group Seminars Winter Term 2015/16

15.10. Johannes Zierenberg From particle condensation to polymer aggregation
22.10. All Monte Carlo framework discussion
29.10. Johannes Bock Semiflexible polymers in disordered media
05.11. Marius Bause Partition function zeros of interacting self-avoiding walk (FS1 - 45 mins)
12.11. Ravinder Kumar
19.11. SFB Workshop
26.11. 16th NTZ Workshop CompPhys15
03.12. Dr Nikolaos Fytas (Coventry University, UK) tba
10.12. Philipp Schierz
17.12. Johannes Zierenberg PhD Thesis Defence
17.12. All Christmas Party at 8:00 pm
07.01. Henrik Christiansen Dynamics of Polymer Collapse
14.01. Paul Spitzner
Johannes Zierenberg
21.01. Birthday Colloquium Prof. Rudolph
28.01. Benjamin Schott
04.02. Jonathan Gross

Group Seminars Summer Term 2015

09.04. All Coordination
16.04. Martin Marenz Knots as topological order parameter for semi-flexible polymers
23.04. Philipp Schierz Approaching the beast: MUCA in 2 variables
30.04. Erik Kohl (Univ. Halle) Polymer statistics of single P3HT molecules on Au(001) determined by STM
07.05. Jan Meischner Knots in polymers (FS I - 45 mins}
Prof. Dr. Sanjay Kumar (Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India) DNA under force: New insights from simulations (SFB/TRR 102 Kolloquium at 5:00 pm, Linnéstr. 5)
14.05. Public Holiday ("Christi Himmelfahrt")
28.05. Dr. Lev Barash (Landau Institute, Chernogolovka, Moscow Region, Russia) Population annealing on GPUs (NTZ/DFH-UFA and EU IRSES Network DIONICOS Kolloquium)
04.06. Henrik Christiansen Computability and complexity (HS - 45 mins)
11.06. Benjamin Schott Aggregation of lattice polymers (FS II - 45 mins)
18.06. All Coordination
25.06. Jan Meischner Dynamics of polymer knotting and unknotting (FS II - 45 mins) (at 4:30 pm)
02.07. Stefan Schnabel Greed and the problem of inequality in the Edwards-Anderson model
09.07. Tobias Weiß Fractals (HS - 45 mins)
J.R. Sandesh Bhat Quantum computing - a case study: D-Wave (HS - 45 mins)
16.07. Jonathan Gross Coarse-graining: From reality to model - There and back again
Johannes Bock cancelled (due to sickness)
All Summer Party at 7:00 pm at beer garden "Substanz", Täubchenweg (NOT 8:00 pm)

Group Seminars Winter Term 2014/15

16.10. Kieran Austin Adsorption and stiffness of a grafted polymer
23.10. Marius Bause Hybrid Monte Carlo study of polymer chains (Report on FZ Jülich Guest Student Programme:)
30.10 Viktoria Blavatska (Lviv, Ukraine) Conformational properties of complex polymers: Rosette vs. star-liike structures (NTZ/DFH-UFA Kolloquium)
06.11. Jan Meischner Knot theory (HS - 45 mins)
13.11. Suman Majumder Cluster growth during collapse of a polymer
20.11. Philipp Schierz MD WHAM- One way between the titans
27.11. 15th NTZ Workshop CompPhys14
04.12. Momchil Ivanov
17.12. All Christmas Party at 8:00 pm
08.01. All Coordination
15.01. Johannes Zierenberg What can we learn from the mesoscopic scale of droplet condensation/evaporation?
22.01. Benjamin Schott Aggregation of lattice polymers (FS II - 45 mins)
29.01. Niklas Fricke / Martin Marenz / Johannes Zierenberg Percolation with power-law correlated defects
05.02. Ravinder Kumar Driven DNA under oscillatory force: Hysteresis and scaling
10.02. Hamid Khoshbakht (Coventry University, UK) On the uniform sampling of ground states in the 2D ±J Ising spin glass model (at 2.15 pm.)
12.03. Eren Metin Elci (Coventry University, UK) Perfect sampling, relaxation and extreme value theory - An intriguing interplay.

Group Seminars Summer Term 2014

10.04. ---
17.04. ---
24.04. Philipp Schierz Dissection of the titans: An analysis of the comparability of MC and MD
01.05. Public Holiday
08.05. 09:30: BuildMoNa Photo Session
08.05. Suman Majumder Nonequilibrium dynamics in phase transitions: From finite to infinite lengths
15.05. Niklas Fricke Attractive self-avoiding walks on percolation clusters: Where is the Theta-point?
22.05. Jonathan Gross / Momchil Ivanov P3HT adsorption on a reconstructed Au(100)-surface
29.05. Public Holiday ("Christi Himmelfahrt")
05.06. Prof. Dr. Subir K. Das (Bangalore, India) Kinetics of phase separation in fluids (NTZ/DFH-UFA and EU IRSES Network DIONICOS Kolloquium)
12.06 ---
19.06. Bachelor Theses - Progress Talks:
Paul Spitzner Exact enumeration of SAWs in correlated disorder
Karl Horn Exact enumeration of lattice polymers in geometrical confinement
David Nicolai Overthür Metropolis simulations of lattice heteropolymers with long-range correlated sequence
Henrik Christiansen Stochastische Transportprozesse mit offenen Rändern
26.06. Stefan Schnabel How to flip the right spins in the Edwards-Anderson model
. 18:00: WM2014 USA - D
27.06.All Fr, 18:00-24:00: Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften Leipzig 2014
03.07. Johannes Bock Computer simulations of polymers in disordered media (2.15 p.m.)
10.07. Dorian Nothaaß Bachelor Theses - Progress Talk: "Algorithms for spin dynamics simulations" (3.00 pm)
16.07 Hannes Nagel Phases induced by boundary drive in a stochastic transport process from ZRP to short-range interaction (3.00 pm)
Johannes Zierenberg Finite-size scaling in (gas) condensation (3.45 pm)
23.07. Kieran Austin / Benjamin Schott

Group Seminars Winter Term 2013/14

17.10.All Coordination
31.10. Public Holiday
07.11. Mariana Krasnytska (ICMP Lviv, Ukraine) Critical behavior for the Potts model on uncorrelated scale-free networks: Phase diagram, critical exponents, scaling functions and amplitude ratios"
Benjamin Schott Report on FZ Jülich Guest Student Programme:(FS I - 45 mins)
14.11. Philipp Schierz and Johannes Zierenberg Clash of the titans: MUCA and MD applied to polymer aggregation in a sphere
21.11. Jonathan Gross Interaction range dependency of flexible polymer structural phases
28.11. 14th NTZ Workshop CompPhys13
05.12. Nikolay Izmailyan (Yerevan Physics Institute, Armenia) Universal amplitude ratios in c=1/2 and c=-2 universality classes
12.12. DFH-UFA / RALeipzig Workshop DEC13
19.12. Johannes Zierenberg From amorphous aggregates to polymer bundles: The role of stiffness on structural phases in polymer aggregation
Mathias Aust
Christmas Party at 8:00 p.m.
09.01. Hannes Nagel Open boundaries in mass transport models
16.01. Kieran Austin Efficiencies of non-local Monte Carlo updates
23.01. Marco Müller Pedantic fitting and why it matters
30.01. Johannes Bock Computer simulations of semiflexible polymeres in disorderd media
06.02. Momchil Ivanov

Group Seminars Summer Term 2013

11.04. Philipp Schierz MD and MC simulations with GPUs
18.04. All Discussion Round
25.04. Philipp Schierz Introduction to OpenCL
02.05. Matin Marenz & Marco Müller Efficient tools for data analyses
09.05. Holiday (Himmelfahrt)
16.05. Mathias Aust
23.05. Martin Marenz
30.05. Hannes Nagel
06.06. Johannes Bock
19.06. Ravinder Kumar Random matrix theory (HS)
. Tobias Lenich Statistical physics of complex networks (HS)
20.06. BuildMoNa Module 2013-T2 "Multifunctional Scaffolds: Modeling and Simulating Macromolecules"
27.06. Johannes Zierenberg
04.07. Marco Müller
All Barbecue in Friedenspark
11.07. Niklas Fricke
18.07. Philipp Schierz

Group Seminars Winter Term 2012/13

11.10. Coordination
18.10.Christoph VogelsbergA more efficient algorithm for a slightly more general Ising model
25.10.Momchil Ivanov Polymer adsorption onto a stripe-patterned surface (Master Thesis Defense)
01.11. All Discussion Round
08.11.Sebastian Schöbl Macromolecules in disordered environments: From flexible to semiflexible polymers
Peter Young (UC Santa Cruz, USA)Mind the gap; solving optimization problems on a quantum computer (abstract), NTZ/DFH-UFA/RALeipzig Colloquium at 5:00 p.m.
09.11.Nathan Clisby (Univ. of Melbourne, Australia)There are 7 × 1026 018 276 self-avoiding walks of 38 797 311 steps on Z3 (abstract), NTZ/FOR877 Colloquium at 4:00 p.m.
Bo Zheng (Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China)Physics at Zhejiang University, NTZ/DFH-UFA/RALeipzig Colloquium at 5:00 p.m
15.11.Kieran AustinComputer simulation experiments in observation of a universal Boltzmann distribution
22.11. Discussion Round
29.11. 13th NTZ Workshop CompPhys12
06.12Artur Barasiński (Univ. Zielona Góra, Poland)Magnetization-based assessment of correlation energy in canted single-chain magnets (abstract), NTZ/DFH-UFA/RALeipzig Colloquium at 5:00 p.m.
13.12.Hannes Nagel Coarse-graining approach in the time domain on the Binary Frustrated Unit
Christmas Party at 8:00 p.m.
10.01.Johannes Zierenberg Polymer aggregation - From lattice to continuum models
17.01.Stefan Schnabel Micro-multicanonical sampling and microcanonical derivatives
24.01.Niklas Fricke Exact enumeration of self-avoiding walks on critical percolation clusters in two to seven dimensions
31.01.Marco Müller

Group Seminars Summer Term 2012

12.04. All Coordination
19.04.Stefan SchnabelSpin waves in the classical Heisenberg antiferromagnet on the kagome lattice
26.04. Discussion Round
03.05.Martin Marenz & Johannes ZierenbergFramework for off-lattice Monte Carlo simulations
10.05.Eugen EhrenpreisMass condensation in driven stochastic transport processes - Interaction- and potential-driven condensation phenomena (Master Thesis Defense)
17.05. None (Holiday)
24.05. All Discussion Round
31.05.Sebastian SchöblSemiflexible polymers in correlated disorder
07.06.Monika MöddelStatistical equilibrium behaviour of finite polymers near attractive substrates
Sanjay KumarDNA under periodic force: Scaling and phase diagram (abstract), NTZ/FOR877 Colloquium at 5:00 pm
14.06.Handan OlgarStructure formation of a polymer chain in confined attractive sphere
21.06.Momchil IvanovPolymer adsorption onto a stripe-patterned surface (followed by "Sommerfest" in Friedenspark)
28.06.Thomas PeschelExact enumaration of self-avoiding walks on n-dimensional rectangular lattices near the percolation threshold - Strategy and techniques
12.07.Tetsuro Nagai
Rainer Bischof
19.07.Mathias Aust / Johannes Bock / Christoph Vogelsberg / Pan Zhichao
24.07.all Barbecue in Friedenspark

Group Seminars Winter Term 2011/12

13.10. All Coordination
20.10.Momchil IvanovReport on FZ Jülich Guest Student Programme: "Monte Carlo simulations of the Ising model on GPUs"
27.10.Robert H. SwendsenThe entropy wars, jointly with NTZ/DFH-UFA Colloquium at 5:00 p.m.
03.11.Hannes NagelStochastic description of a bistable frustrated unit
10.11.Johannes ZierenbergSimulating flexible polymers in hard disk background potentials
17.11.Viktoria BlavatskaNumerical study of polymer adsorption on fractal substrates, jointly with NTZ/FOR877 Colloquium)
24.11. 12th NTZ Workshop CompPhys11
01.12.Thomas NeuhausNumerical study of quantum annealing for the hardest case of 2SAT and 3SAT, jointly with NTZ/DFH-UFA/RALeipzig Colloquium at 5:00 p.m.
08.12. All Discussion Round
15.12.Niklas FrickeScale-free enumeration of self-avoiding walks on critical percolation clusters
12.01.Marco MüllerMulticanonical analysis of the Gonihedric Ising model and its dual
19.01. All Discussion Round
26.01.Momchil IvanovISAW polymer adsorption onto a stripe-patterned surface: Introduction
02.02.Max GerlachDirectional ordering in the classical compass model in two and three dimensions

Group Seminars Summer Term 2011

14.04.All Coordination
21.04. Easter
28.04.Martin Marenz Worm algorithm in ordered and disordered media
05.05.Yuko Okamoto Biomolecular simulations by efficient conformational sampling techniques, jointly with NTZ Colloquium at 5:00 p.m.
12.05.Johannes ZierenbergSimulations of semiflexible polymers in a soft disc background potential (at 5:00 p.m.)
19.05.Eugen Ehrenpreis Condensation in interaction models with a conserved property - simulation methods and data analysis
26.05.All Discussion Round
02.06. Christi Himmelfahrt
09.06.Marco Müller A glimpse on the gonihedric 3D Ising model
Olaf UeberschärInvestigating fluctuations and irreversibility with optical tweezers, NTZ Colloquium at 5:00 p.m.
16.06.Monika Möddel Polymer adsorption and pattern recognition on a stripped-attractive substrate (at 2:30 p.m. !!!)
23.06.Micha Wiedenmann Ising droplets in three dimensions
30.06. Discussion Round
07.07.Royce Zia "Modeling translation by totally asymmetric simple exclusion processes (TASEP)", NTZ Colloquium/FOR877 Seminar at 5:00 p.m.
14.07.Rainer Bischof Universality and (finite-size) scaling in quantum spin chains: Behind the curtain
Mathias Aust Lattice gas simulations in modulated pores

Group Seminars Winter Term 2010/11

28.10. Marco Müller Report on FZ Jülich Guest Student Programme
04.11. Jeremi Ochab Epidemics on networks
11.11. BuildMoNA Theory Modul Probability in Physics
18.11. Eugen Ehrenpreis Mass condensation in one dimension with tunable condensate shape
25.11. 11th NTZ Workshop CompPhys10
02.12. Dies Academicus
09.12. Max Gerlach Droplet/strip transition
16.12. Sebastian Schöbl Broadscale examination of the influence of disorder on semiflexible polymers
Bernd A. Berg From data to probability densities without histograms (jointly with DFH/NTZ Colloquium at 5.00 p.m.)
06.01. Mathias Aust Lattice-gas simulations in modulated pores
13.01. Kieran Austin Exakte Enumeration von Polymeren an Oberflächen (Bachelor thesis report)
20.01.Johannes ZierenbergTip4p water model in the ice I_h configuration (Master thesis defense)
27.01. David Plotzki q-state Potts models and parallel tempering on graphics cards
Momchil Ivanov Simulations on infinite lattices
Bartlomiej Waclaw A dynamical phase transition in a model for evolution with migration (jointly with FOR877/NTZ Colloquium at 5.00 p.m.)
03.02. Andreas Wagner Massenkondensation in einer Dimension
Thomas Peschel Investigations of self-avoiding walkers on simple quadratic grids
Arnd Tretbar Self-avoiding walk on a two-dimensional periodic lattice 'around' the percolation threshold

Group Seminars Summer Term 2010

29.04. All Discussion Round and Photo Session
06.05.Sebastian Schöbl and Johannes ZierenbergReport on "BuildMoNa Mini Project: "Simulations of semiflexible polymers in a hard/soft disc background"
27.05.Viktoria BlavatskaShape anisotropy of polymers in disordered environment, jointly with NTZ/FOR877 Colloquium at 5:00 p.m.
03.06.Steffen KaralusPolymers anchored to flexible tethered membranes
10.06.Niklas FrickeExact enumeration of self-avoiding walks on percolation clusters - proposal of a new algorithm
Bernd A. BergSearch for non-perturbative mechanisms to generate a W boson mass, jointly with NTZ Colloquium at 5:00 p.m.
17.06.Rainer BischofMixed spin chains: Reweighting, logarithmic corrections, exponents
24.06.Benjamin WinklerNichtgleichgewichtsrelationen vom Jarzynski-Typ zur Bestimmung von Grenzflächenspannungen (Bachelor thesis report)
01.07. FOR877 Reapplication Defence Workshop
08.07.Johannes ZierenbergLocal energy minimum of the Tip4p model in an Ice1 configuration

Group Seminars Winter Term 2009/10

28.10.Stefan SchnabelTieftemperaturverhalten minimalistischer Polymermodelle (PhD defence)
05.11.Mario ColluraSpace-time quantum quenches (report on PhD thesis work)
12.11.Jonathan Groß
13.11.Thomas VogelStructural behavior of polymers from Monte Carlo studies of coarse-grained models (PhD defence)
19.11.Rainer Bischof
26.11. 10th NTZ Workshop CompPhys09
03.12.Micha Wiedenmann
10.12.Martin Marenz
17.12. All Christmas Party
14.01.Niklas FrickeSelf-avoiding walks on disordered lattices
21.01.Hannes NagelDynamics of condensation in stochastic transport processes and MC generation of equilibrated networks
28.01.Steffen KaralusPolymers anchored to flexible tethered membranes
29.01.A. Nihat BerkerAnisotropy effects and impurity induced antiferromagnetism: Renormalization-group theory of d=3 electronic models, jointly with NTZ/TKM/FOR877 Colloquium at 1:30 p.m.
04.02.Johannes ZierenbergTip4p water model in an ice1 configuration
Benjamin WinklerASEP with time-dependent boundary conditions

Group Seminars Summer Term 2009

23.04.Andreas NußbaumerA global property from a 'nearly' local observable (part 2)
30.04.Adriaan SchakelIntersecting loop gases
07.05.Sebastian SchöblSemiflexible polymers in random disorder
14.05.Nancy Workshop
21.05.ENRAGE Dresden
04.06.Bartlomiej WaclawMaximal entropy random walk
11.06.Rainer BischofQuantum Monte Carlo simulations of spin chains
18.06.Monika MöddelThe adsorption transition in the microcanonical ensemble revisited
02.07.Mathias AustFree-energy landscapes of different spin-glass models and limitations of the FEIS method
09.07.Viktoria Blavatska

Group Seminars Winter Term 2008/09

30.10.Mathias AustOutlook on a new thermal ratchet theme
06.11.Stefan SchnabelLow-temperature behavior of the Lennard-Jones polymer
13.11.Bartlomiej WaclawStatistical physics of mass transport models with factorized steady States
20.11.Rainer BischofFormation of a plateau in the twist order parameter of the bond
alternating antiferromagnetic S=1/2 Heisenberg spin chain
04.12.Sebastian SchöblOn the equilibrium and non-equilibrium phenomenology of hard disc systems
11.12.Micha WiedenmannIsing droplets in three dimensions
18.12. All Christmas Party
15.01.Thomas VogelThermodynamics of tubelike flexible polymers
22.01.Andreas NußbaumerA global property from a 'nearly' local observable
29.01.Hannes NagelStatics and dynamics of a nearest-neighbor hopping process
05.02.Monika MöddelThe adsorption transition in the microcanonical ensemble

Group Seminars Summer Term 2008

24.04.Monika MöddelThermodynamics of molecular adsorption processes on mesoscopic scales
08.05.Rainer BischofDiagonalisation of giant matrices
22.05.CBSB Jüich, Atelier Nancy
29.05.Stefan SchnabelBarriers and minima in the state space of Lennard-Jones polymers
05.06.Mathias AustFree energy inherent structures in Ising spin glasses
12.06.Thomas VogelNon-stochastic minimizing: The conjugate gradient method
19.06.Viktoria Blavatska tba
10.07.Hannes NagelComplex networks and mass transport
17.07.Niklas Fricke
24.07.Andreas NußbaumerFree-energy barriers of spin glasses

Group Seminars Winter Term 2007/08

25.10.Viktoria Blavatska
02.11.Jean-Charles Walter
08.11.Mathias Aust
15.11.Rainer Bischof
22.11.Sandro Wenzel
06.12.Stefan Schnabel
13.12.Frank Beyer
20.12Micha Wiedenmann
10.01.Monika Möddel
17.01.Andreas Nußbaumer
24.01.Bartlomiej Waclaw
31.01.Hannes Nagel

Group Seminars Summer Term 2007

26.04.Meik HellmundTree percolation
10.05.Hannes NagelNetworks
07.06.Monika MöddelASEP
14.06.Stefan Schnabel TBA
21.06.Thomas VogelTBA
28.06.Andreas NußbaumerEA spin glass
04.07Micha WiedenmannEffective 1D random walk
19.07.Rainer BischofQuantum Monte Carlo

Group Seminars Winter Term 2006/07

19.10.Thomas Vogel
26.10.Mathias Aust
Bartlomiej Waclaw
09.11.Thomas Haase
23.11.Christoph Junghans
30.11. CompPhys06
07.12.Frank Beyer
14.12.Stefan Schnabel
11.01.Sandro Wenzel
18.01.Meik Hellmund
25.01.Andreas Nußbaumer

Group Seminars Summer Term 2006

20.04.Viktoria BlavatskaSelf-avoiding walks in random media: A renormalization group approach
11.05.Stefan SchnabelConformational updates of continuous degrees of freedom
01.06.Andreas NußbaumerGoal distributions in football
22.06.Thomas VogelLow-temperature behaviour of short polymers
Thomas HaaseThe spin-1 model
06.07.Christoph JunghansAggregation of heteropolymers and homopolymers in the AB model
13.07.Sandro WenzelCloser look into the ferromagnetic Heisenberg chain
Leszek BogaczQuantum phase transition in the 2d J-J' model
20.07.Mathias AustApplication of transfer matrix MC to the 2D Ising model
Patrick SpendrinSystematic variations of the Wang-Landau method and applications to the Ising model

Group Seminars Winter Term 2005/06

03.11.Christoph JunghansModern methods in protein simulations
Thomas VogelImmer wieder PERM: mucaPERM vs. flatPERM
10.11.Jakob SchluttigMolecular mechanics of a coarse-grained protein model
17.11.Gokhan GokogluStructural and thermodynamic properties of small synthetic peptides
24.11.Meik Hellmund2D critical systems, fractals and SLE
01.12.1./2.12. CompPhys05
08.12.Rainer BischoffQuantum Monte Carlo investigation of mixed spin chains
12.01.Thomas Haase2D/3D crossover of the Ising model
19.01.Christoph JunghansNew studies of the AB model
02.02.Sandro WenzelStochastic series expansion and variants

Group Seminars Summer Term 2005

21.04.Jakob SchluttigMolecular dynamics of coarse-grained heteropolymer models
28.04.Andreas NußbaumerFormation and dissolution of equilibrium droplets
12.05.Leszek BogaczProperties of the 1d Heisenberg model
26.05.Stefan SchnabelMulticanonical and multioverlap simulations of coarse-grained heteropolymers
02.06.Eric LorenzPhase ordering and aging phenomena in Potts models
16.06. Mini-Workshop 'Proteins'
07.07.Rainer BischofQuantum phase transitions in mixed spin chains
14.07.Christoph JunghansThe application of multicanonical simulations in different models
21.07.Anna KalliasCoarse-grained protein models

Group Seminars Winter Term 2004/05

21.10.Jakob Schluttig
28.10.10 Jahre ZHS
04.11.Anna Kallias
25.11.CompPhys 04
02.12.Goetz Kähler
09.12.Eric Lorenz
13.01.Stefan Schnabel
20.01.Rodrigo Megaides
27.01.Rainer Bischof
03.02.Sandro Wenzel