List of VIELAT98 Participants

Michael Müller-Preussker: Lattice Gauge Theory with Monopole Boundary Condition

Peter Petreczky: Screening Masses of Hot SU(2) Gauge Theory from the 3D Adjoint Higgs Model

Gernot Münster: Calculation of the Nucleation Rate Beyond the Thin Wall Approximation

Tsuneo Suzuki: Search for Perfect Monopole Action in QCD

Howard Trottier: Improvement, Dynamical Fermions, and Heavy Quark Screening in 3D QCD

Alessandro Papa:

Anthony Green: The Interaction Between two Heavy-Light Mesons

John Sloan: Simulating High Momentum B Mesons Using Moving NRQCD

Susan Morrison: Lattice Simulation of Diquark Condensation in Dense Matter

Christian Lang:

Arwed Schiller: Hot Electroweak Matter and Topological Defects

Joachim Hein: Form Factors in Non-Relativistic Lattice QCD

Martin Hasenbusch: Speeding Up Finite Step-Size Updating of Full QCD on the Lattice

Oleg Borisenko: Asymptotic Expansions of 2D Spin and 3D Gauge Models

Ivan Hip: Wilson, Fixed Point and Neuberger's Lattice Dirac Operator

Ivan Horvath: Ginsparg-Wilson Relation and Ultralocality

Ralph Kenna: The Nature of the Phase Transition in the Weakly Coupled Lattice Schwinger Model

Ka Chun Leung: Applications of Partially Quenched Chiral Perturbation Theory

Zoryana Usatenko: Thermodynamic Characteristics of the 3D Lattice Systems with n-Component Order Parameter

Rudolf Fiebig: Lattice Studies of the Pion-Pion Interaction

Zsolt Schram: Monopoles and Instantons in SU(2) Lattice Gauge Theory

Poul Damgaard: Chiral Symmetries in (2+1)-Dimensional QCD

Kari Rummukainen: Electroweak Phase Transition in a Magnetic Field

Federico Farchioni: Fixed Point and Neuberger's Lattice Dirac Operator for the Schwinger Model: Spectrum and Fluctuations

Ben Evans: Chiral Symmetry Breaking in some Thirring Models

Tilo Wettig: Universal and Non-Universal Behavior in Dirac Spectra

Thomas Neuhaus: Vortex Properties in the Abelian Higgs Model

Helmuth Hüffel: Deriving a Global Path Integral Prescription for Yang-Mills Theory from Stochastic Quantization

Alexei Abrikosov: Instantons and Scalar Matter in a Closed Volume

Fabrizio Palumbo: A New Perturbative Approach to QCD

Wolfhard Janke: Multi-Overlap Algorithm for Simulations of Spin Glasses

Rainer Pullirsch: Dirac Spectra with Chemical Potential

Stefan Thurner: Properties of Abelian Monopoles in Different Gauges

Elmar Bittner: Models of 2D Quantum Gravity with Discrete Link Length

Wolfgang Sakuler: Fermionic Fields and Topology

Attila Mihaly: Meson-Meson Interactions in Different Isospin Channels on the Lattice

Jürgen Riedler:

Harald Markum:

List of VIELAT99 Participants

Des Johnston: 2D Quantum Gravity and Quenched Disorder

Balint Joo: Hybrid Monte Carlo Reversibility and Finite Precision Arithmetic

Manfried Faber: Vortices and Confinement

Michael Engelhardt: A Picture of the Yang-Mills Deconfinement Transition and its Lattice Verification

Christian Hölbling: Probing SU(2) Vacuum with Static Monopole Pair

Wolfgang Sakuler: Monopoles with Chirality

Harald Markum: Z(2)-Spins on a Z(2)-Regge Lattice in 2D

Rainer Pullirsch: Quasi-Zero Modes in Theories without Topology

Ralph Kenna: The Phase Structure of the Weakly Coupled Lattice Gross-Neveu Model in 2D

Thorsten Struckmann: Eta' Mass with Dynamical Wilson Fermions

Christian Lang: Staggered Dirac Operator Spectrum in 2D QED

Wolfhard Janke: Universal Amplitudes in the FSS of 3D Spin Models

Tamas Biro: Chaos Analyses of U(1) and SU(2) Lattice Theories

Helmuth Hüffel: Global Aspects of Quantizing Yang-Mills Theory

Zsolt Schram:

Helmut Gausterer:

Klaus Rabitsch:

Roman Bertle:

Jan Thomassen:

Stefan Thurner:

Stefan Olejnik:

Natascha Hörmann:

Max Meinhart:

Martin Zach: