Universität Leipzig
Institut für Theoretische Physik
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Behn


Theoretical Physics in the Master Study Course (12-PHY-MWPTKM2)
Winter Term 2015/16

Nonlinear Dynamics and Pattern Formation

The lecture course is held at the Small Lecture Room of the ITP (Brüderstr. 16, R 114).

Class Times

Monday 13:30-15 (lecture),
Wednesday 11-12:30 (exercise class),
Thursday 9:15-11:45 (lecture)

The oral examination is scheduled to Friday, 19 February 2016: Schedule

The lecture course is intended for students of physics and related disciplines , especially in the first or third semester of their Master Study Course. It will first provide an introduction into the basics of the theory of nonlinear dynamical systems with few degrees of freedom. Then methods to describe systems with (infinitely) many degrees of freedom will be presented. For spatially distributed systems the formation of coherent structures and the pattern formation in driven dissipative systems are discussed. Finally, on an introductory level, we treat systems with temporal delay. Topics include:

10 credit points are given if an oral exam of about 30 min is passed.

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