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Quantum Field Theory and Gravity







Prof. Dr. Rainer Verch

Room 208

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Seminar on Quantum Field Theory, Gravitation, and Elementary Particles


S. Hollands, R. Verch

Mondays, 15:15-16:45, seminar room 114 ITP






The focus of investigation in the group of Quantum Field Theory and Gravity consists of three main strands: (1) Quantum field theory in curved spacetimes (Prof. Dr. R. Verch, Dr. T. P. Hack), (2) mathematical structure of gauge field theories and their quantization (Prof. Dr. G. Rudolph (retired), Dr. M. Schmidt) and (3) quantum fields under the influence of external conditions (PD Dr. M. Bordag).


In quantum field theory in curved spacetimes, several research fields are pursued, such as mathematical and conceptual foundations of local covariant quantum field theory and of the early epoch of cosmology, characterization of locally thermal states and their application to the Unruh effect, and in cosmology; and furthermore some aspects of quantum field theory on spacetimes that contain closed timelike curves. A sideline of this research is quantum field theory on non-commutative geometries. One of the aims is to gain a better understanding of essential ingredients for a potential theory of quantum gravity. In the research on gauge theories, one focus is on the topological structure of gauge orbit spaces. A complementary line of research is devoted to a better understanding of gauge field theories on lattices. In quantum field theory under the influence of external conditions, a central research field is the influence of boundaries, as in the Casimir effect, and singular potentials and their role in quantization. Some of the effects studied in this line of research have concrete applications in experiments.





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