The current Advanced Training Module (ATM) focuses on two methods of computer simulation, Monte Carlo method and Molecular Dynamics simulations. The aim of this module is to give an insight into theoretical foundations and the practical work of these two methods.


- Molecular Dynamics simulations (Prof. Wolfgang Paul, Halle)

- Monte Carlo simulations (Prof. Wolfhard Janke, Leipzig)


07 Feb 2013: Universität Halle, VSP 1, Room 1.02

08 Feb 2013: ITP, Universität Leipzig, Brüderstr. 16, Room 210


07 Feb, 09:15-12:30: Lecture Introduction to Molecular Dynamics Simulations

07 Feb, 14:00-17:00: Lab Course Practical aspects of Molecular Dynamics Simulations

08 Feb, 09:30-12:45: Lecture Introduction to Monte Carlo Simulations

08 Feb, 14:00-17:00: Lab Course Practical aspects of Monte Carlo Simulations


Wolfhard Janke

Institut für Theoretische Physik
Universität Leipzig
Office building: Brüderstr. 16, 04103 Leipzig
Mailing address: Postfach 100 920, 04009 Leipzig, Germany

Tel.: +49-341-9732-725/420
Fax.: +49-341-9732-548
E-mail: janke@itp.uni-leipzig.de
URL: http://www.physik.uni-leipzig.de/~janke/SFB-ATM13

Thu Jan 31 18:45:31 CET 2013