Network access

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Network access

Network access for guests

Many institutions participate in the eduroam world-wide wireless roaming service (check availability for your institution). Then configure your wireless according to your institutes requirements for eduroam using the "eduram" wireless local network. Also refer to wireless access.

If wireless network access is not possible or otherwise undesireable, wired access via the usual network wall plugs is available.

wired network access for notebooks

Please supply the MAC-Address of your notebook (wired network adapter) when asking for wired network access at

wireless access

The eduram wireless network is available in most university areas throughout Leipzig for members of the university or other institutions that participate in the world-wide roaming service.

We cannot grant access to this network. If you are member of the ITP please ask the URZ or otherwise contact your home institution.


If your home institute participates in the eduroam network, please check your login data with this network (see below).

Configuration Information

network eduram
authentication type EAP-TTLS
inner authentication PAP
server certificate use Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2"
username & password according to your university or external institution account

For detailed instructions for various operating systems visit the university computing center instructions page.

This will give access to the university intranet, outside of the institute network. Therefore you may not be able to directly print over the network.

Network access from outside

While outside of the network one might want to download journal papers, access the university intranet or use the ITP network for browsing for other reasons.

Creating a local Proxy with SSH

SSH can be used to create a network proxy, that web browsers can use for network access. For Firefox there are addons (e.g. FoxyProxy) to switch a proxy configuration on/off without hassle. To create such a proxy issue

ssh -D8080 <host>

and configure it using the parameters:

Proxy localhost
Port 8080

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