About the ITP

Theoretical physics at the University of Leipzig has a great tradition, going back to Werner Heisenberg, who worked here from 1928 to 1942, and F. Hund.


Our present research focuses on Quantum Field Theory, Statistical Physics, Elementary--Particle Theory, Condensed Matter Physics, and Molecular Dynamics. The methods we use range from mathematical proofs to computational tools such as simulations.


Theoretical physics in Leipzig has a truly interdisciplinary character: we have strong contacts to the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, to the Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, the Naturwissenschaftlich-Theoretisches Zentrum (NTZ) of the Center for Advanced Studies at the University of Leipzig (founded 1976), as well as to the other Science departments of the University.


Contacts to many other departments worldwide make our institute an international place.


The institute has a graduate program on Mathematical Physics and since October 1995, the DFG graduate school on Quantum Field Theory: Mathematical Structure and Applications to Elementary Particle and Solid State Physics .