About Me


Over the past years, I studied physics at Leipzig University and I have recently concluded my master thesis on the evaporation-condensation transition of a Lennard-Jones fluid. During my studies, I have spent quite some time implementing and working with Monte Carlo techniques, especially in the grand canonical ensemble. So far, my simulations were written in C++ relying on MPI for parallelization. On my part-time job I have worked on a GPU-optimized version of an atmospheric model in OpenCL. The time integration is done utilizing multirate infinitesimal step methods, allowing efficient computation without divergence damping at the price of a somewhat larger memory footprint.

In my spare time I tend to tinker around with hardware projects and macOS but quite recently I discovered a bit of an interest in web development, to put a name on it. Even though I like the integrity of the toolkit offered by Apple through Xcode and Swift, I appreciate the appeal of platform independent code. Especially javascript and webGL seem promising candidates to dedicate some more time. Whenever an opportunity opens up, I play around with photography and artwork, where the latter actually incorporates non-digital aspects for a change.