Previous Work:

Master thesis - Investigation of adsorption and di usion of hydrogen guest molecules in the Metal-Organic Framework ZIF-11 by computer simulations
Bachelor Arbeit - Simulation von Wasserstroemungen mit freier Oberfläche berechnet mit Grafikprozessoren
Open CL Tutorial Code without objects
Open CL Tutorial Code with objects

Exercise Computational Physics I:

Example programs for C++
1-D Ising programm
2-D coefficients for 8x8 and 16x16 from P. D. Beales program:
Example programms for bias estimation and autocorrelation function of the bivariate distribution
Example program for reweighting
Example program for the binning method
Example e-T Data for the 16x16 Ising modell with periodic boundary conditions (e is energy per spin)
Procentlist for the homework
beta-Derivative of Binder parameter