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Workshop on the occasion of the 80th birthday of Armin Uhlmann

April 13th 2010

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    Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

    Location: Theoretischer Hörsaal, Fakultät für Physik und Geowissenschaften, Linnéstraße 5
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    Name Talk Time
    Detlev Buchholz
    U Göttingen
    Warped Convolutions and Rieffel Deformations
    Harald Grosse
    U Wien
    Progress in solving a noncommutative QFT in four dimensions
    Michael Wolf
    NBI Kopenhagen
    Quantum channels - powers and roots


    "Warped Convolutions and Rieffel Deformations" by D. Buchholz

       Warped convolutions provide a novel constructive tool in algebraic quantum field theory. In this talk their relation to covariant representations of certain specific Rieffel deformations of nets of C*-algebras is explained, clarifying some features of this construction which remained unclear in previous work.

    "Progress in solving a noncommutative QFT in four dimensions" by H. Grosse

       In order to improve quantum field theory it was suggested to quantize space-time too. Models on such spaces can be formulated, but an additional mixing of the ultraviolet and the infrared singularities occurs. We found a way to handle such problems and a model with nice properties results. The beta function for the coupling constants vanish and a nonperturbative construction seems possible. As for the principles we were able to proof a new kind of wedge-locality, which replaces locality in the noncommutative setting.

    "Quantum channels - powers and roots" by M. Wolf

       The talk will provide an overview of recent results on semigroup properties of quantum channels. We will first focus on powers of quantum channels describing discrete time homogeneous evolutions. In this context we will address what information about a quantum evolution can be extracted from observable data using time series analysis and then use the developed tools to derive a quantum version of Wielandt's inequality. The second part of the talk will deal with roots and logarithms instead of powers and address the question when a discrete time evolution can be embedded in a continuous one. For fixed dimensions an efficient method will be presented and we will see that generally the question can be decided efficiently iff P=NP.