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Understanding Entropy

This year's TKM-Hauptseminar seminar provides an introduction to and a discussion forum for ideas related to entropy. It is a good opportunity for the participants to train some important soft skills.

Some reading

  1. Seminar Poster (PDF)
  2. Schedule (PDF)
  3. KK's Introductory Statistical Mechanics Lecture (PDF)
  4. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  5. E.T. Jaynes, Probability theory: the logic of science (PS)
  6. Arieh Ben-Naim: A Farewell to Entropy: Statistical Thermodynamics Based on Information
  7. C. E. Shannon, A Mathematical Theory of Communication (PDF)
  8. Entropy & Cosmology Wallace , Lebowitz
  9. Is gravity an entropic force?
  10. Black hole entropy
  11. S. W. Hawking's talk at the KITP
  12. Entropy of Brownian trajectories
  13. More literature will be provided in the seminar