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Soft Matter Theory

Prof. Klaus Kroy

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Much of what we do can be summarized as Soft Mesoscopics, the study of emerging properties in soft and biological matter. Studied phenomena range from desert dunes and ripples spontaneously developing as a generic consequence of aeolian sand transport, through non-equilibrium dynamics of hot nanoparticles, proteins and polymers,to the viscoelastic and inelastic mechanics of the cytoskeleton. (Related experimental work is currently in progress at EXP1: MON, MOP, PWM.) A common theme is the presence of strong fluctuations and stochastic dynamics on the microscale. The emergence of the mesoscopic structure and transport is to be understood. The applied methods comprise a broad statistical mechanics toolbox including stochastic (integro-)differential equations, liquid-state theories, effective hydrodynamic equations, various systematic coarse-graining techniques, and massively parallel numerical simulations on GPUs. See Research for more details.

Member of the following research associations:
Complex Matter
Mathematical and Computational Sciences
Molekulare und zelluläre Kommunikation in Therapie und Diagnostik

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