Wolfhard Janke:

Annette G Beck-Sickinger: Chemical modification and immobilisation of proteins

Michael Bachmann: Minimalistic models for substrate adsorption of polymers and peptides

Horst L. Voertler:

Carsten Baldauf:

Karsten Goede: When molecules recognize their substrate: Selective peptide binding to semiconductors

Anna Kallias:

Andreas Nußbaumer:

Elmar Bittner:

Leszek Bogacz:

Stefan Schnabel:

Anders Irbäck: Protein folding and unfolding studied using a simplified atomic model

Sandipan Mohanty: Oligomerization with an all-atom model

Marius Grundmann: Interaction of organic material with semicondcutors

Hans-Joerg Hofmann: Folding in homologous peptides

Jakob Schluttig:

Thomas Vogel: Simple protein models

Bernd Berg: A biased Metropolis scheme for simulations of biomolecules

Robert Günther: Molecular docking of small ligands to proteins

Sandro Wenzel:

Ulrich Behn:

Rodrigo Megaides:

Alexei Bazavov: