LEILAT08 Workshop Participants

Wolfhard Janke:

Arwed Schiller:

Des Johnston: Gonihedric Ising model and glassiness

Ralph Kenna: Fisher renormalization for logarithmic corrections

Holger Perlt: Clover improvement for stout-smeared 2+1 flavour SLiNC fermions: perturbative results

Bernd Berg: Thermalization in SU(3) gauge theory after a deconfining quench

Jevgenijs Kaupuzs: Perturbative renormalization of the Ginzburg-Landau model revisited

Elmar Bittner:

Andreas Nußbaumer: Free-energy barriers of spin glasses

Kamel Demmouche: Spectrum of the SU(2) Supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory on the lattice

Marc Wagner: The static-light meson spectrum from twisted mass lattice QCD

Sandro Wenzel: Quantum criticality in dimerized Heisenberg models

Ettore Vicari: The critical behavior of Ising glass models

Martin Hasenbusch: Strings, interfaces and the Ising model

Harald Morgner: Thermodynamic treatment of inhomogeneous systems: adsorption hysteresis and self diffusion

Reinhold Haberlandt:

Christian Wozar: Effective spin models for SU(3) gauge theories

Meik Hellmund:

Piotr Korcyl: Supersymmetry or not

Thomas Neuhaus: Some final remarks on the properties of pure gauge PQED

Christian von Ferber: Scaling relations for scale free networks

Ernst-Michael Ilgenfritz: The lattice gluon and ghost propagators in numerical stochastic perturbation theory

Michael Bachmann:

Ulrich Behn:

Michele Caselle:

Christoph Dehne:

Jean-Charles Walter: Aging of the fully-frustrated Ising model

Urs Wenger: From fermions to loop and dimer models

Harald Markum: On the topology of non-commutative U(1) gauge theory in two and four dimensions

Michael Bortz: Friedel oscillations vs Wigner crystallization in the one-dimensional Hubbard model

Thomas Vogel: Freezing and collapse of flexible lattice polymers

Bartlomiej Waclaw:

Martin Weigel: Optimization through extra dimensions: the Ising spin glass

Frank Beyer:

Monika Möddel:

Stefan Schnabel:

Viktoria Blavatska:

Hannes Nagel:

Mathias Aust:

Sebastian Schöbl: