Wolfhard Janke: tba

Thomas Prellberg:

Fabio Mueller: Phase separation in the long-range Ising model

Nathan Clisby:

Henrik Christiansen:

Giulio Isacchini: The importance of mutual information for simulation based inference (P)

Lev Shchur: Finite size analysis of the variance of machine learning output function

Alexander Hartmann: Replicy symmetry breaking for Ulam's problem

Ferenc Igloi: Random-bond antiferromagnetic Ising model in a field

Walter Selke:

Ramgopal Agrawal: Metastable states and critical percolation in two-dimensional long-range Ising model

Erol Vatansever:

Zeynep Demir Vatansever:

Handan Arkin-Olgar:

Dustin Warkotsch:

Peter Werner:

Denis Gessert: Superdiffusion-like behavior in zero-temperature coarsening of the d = 3 Ising model

Timur Shakirov: Aggregation and ordering in small alkane systems

Pınar Kaya: Adsorption of dopamine on the b-AsP surface based on first principles

Lambert Münster: Percolation Properties Of The Two-Dimensional Ising Spin Glass

Viktor Ivanov:

Evgeniia Filimonova: Bond order parameters in crystallization of short polymer chains in thin films: SAMC simulation (P)

Wolfgang Paul:

Ian Pilé: Dimensional crossover on multileg attractive-U Hubbard ladders

Michail Akritidis: Geometric clusters in the overlap of the Ising model

Alexandros Vasilopoulos: Universality in the two-dimensional dilute Baxter-Wu model

Jacek Siódmiak: Molecular dynamics study on elastic properties and intrinsic vibrations of fullerenes (P)

Subhajit Paul: Activity mediated globule to coil transition of a flexible polymer in poor solvent

Andy Manapany: Diffusion in presence of topological defects

Martin Weigel:

Suman Majumder:

Janett Prehl:

Nikolaos Fytas:

Steffen Trimper:

Manoj Kumar: Three-dimensional Potts model in a random field

Christian Lauer:

Kai-Hendrik Henk:

Lama Tannoury:

Elmar Bittner:

Martin Hasenbusch: The cubic fixed point for N=3 and 4 in three dimensions: Monte Carlo simulations of the \phi^4 model on the lattice

Michael Beyer:

Evgeni Burovski: XY model on a SAW

Christophe Chatelain:

Fred Hucht: From 2d Ising to 0d electron transport

Valentin Anfray: Numerical study of the critical point of random quantum spin systems in high dimension

Francesco Parisen Toldin:

Stefan Schnabel: A simple algorithm for uniform sampling on the surface of a hypersphere

Johannes Zierenberg:

Piotr Kuterba: Molecular dynamics simulations of the monomer density profiles of knotted ring polymer chains confined in a slit of two parallel walls with one attractive and another repulsive surface (P)

George Scriven:

Tom Roberts:

Fatih Yasar:

Vladislav Chertenkov:

Arnulf Möbius:

Diana Sukhoverkhova:

Gülşen Karakoyun:

Martin Weigel: News from population annealing: From weighted averages to quantum Monte Carlo

Sevda Saltik:

Malte Henkel: Finite-size scaling in the ageing of phase-ordering kinetics