CompPhys19: List of Participants

Wolfhard Janke:

Desmond Johnston: Lattice SUSY and the DiSSEP

Martin Hasenbusch: Monte Carlo study of an improved clock model in three dimensions

Antonio Astillero: Off-equilibrium computation of the dynamic critical exponent of the three-dimensional Heisenberg model

Manoj Kumar: Critical behavior and approximate ground states in the random-field Potts model via graph cuts

Stanislav Kazmin: Critical exponents of the long-range correlated disordered Ising model in three dimensions

Walter Selke:

Alexander Hartmann: Large-deviation simulation of height distribution for the KPZ equation: Dependence on initial conditions and morphologies of extreme configurations

Zoryana E. Usatenko: Ring polymer chains in confined geometries

Henrik Christiansen: Tuning interaction in long-range models changes dynamical scaling during aging

Suman Majumder: Pearl-necklace-like local ordering drives polypeptide collapse (P)

Saikat Chakraborty: Steric effects and hydrophobic interactions determine one-dimensional self-assembly

Timur Shakirov: Crystallisation in melts of short, semi-flexible hard-sphere polymer chains: The role of the non-bonded interaction range

Christian Lauer:

Steffen Trimper:

Suman Majumder:

Eunsang Lee: Additional topological effect imposed by ring-shaped aggregates in supramolecular polymer melts

Ulrich Hansmann: Structural transitions in protein folding and amyloid formation

Malte Henkel: Meta-conformal invariance in directed kinetic spin models

Kurt Binder: Statistical mechanics and phase transitions of semiflexible polymers

Subhajit Paul: Collapse dynamics of a flexible polymer with active beads

Fred Hucht: Bond-flip Monte Carlo based on exact results for the square-lattice Ising model

Hsiao-Ping Hsu: New development of a coarse-grained model for studying the glass transition of polymer melts

Gergö Roosz: Interacting Majorana modes on surfaces of noncentrosymmetric superconductors

Anja Kuhnhold: Monte Carlo simulations of chiral colloidal membranes

Dimitrios Voliotis: Multifractality in aperiodic quantum spin chains

Ferenc Igloi: Reentrant random quantum Ising antiferromagnet

Tobias Weiß:

Jürgen Vollmer: Breath figures: How universal is its scaling exponent?

Evgeniia Filimonova: Molecular theory of liquid crystals with inhomogeneous distribution of order parameters (P)

Mahesh Yadav: One less parameter least-square fitting (P)

Denis Gessert: Clarifying the case of zero-temperature coarsening in the d=3 Ising model (P)

Daniel Dernbach:

Jan Zimbelmann:

Arnulf Möbius:

Stefan Schnabel: Collapse transition of a long polymer with and without periodic boundary conditions

Lama Tannoury:

Michael Beyer:

Tobias Thalheim: Excluded volume studies on a single semi-flexible polymer chain (P)

Siegfried Fritzsche:

Viktor Ivanov:

Tatiya Chokbunpiam: Extraordinary adsorption/reaction selectivity of NOx from N2 by combined adsorption and reaction on MIL-127 (P)

Devesh Jawla:

Tawun Remsungnen:

Marko Aligrudic:

Supot Hannongbua: Extraordinary adsorption/reaction selectivity of NOx from N2 by combined adsorption and reaction on MIL-127 (P)

Jakob Moritz:

Jonathan Schmalfuß:

Alexander Holm:

Sanu Maharjan:

Fabio Mueller: Non-flat histogram techniques for spin glasses (P)

Piotr Kuterba: Monomer density profiles dependence on polymer chain topology and temperature (P)

Dustin Warkotsch:

Federica Rampf: -

Wolfgang Paul:

Praveen Giri: