CompPhys16: List of Participants

Wolfhard Janke (Univ. Leipzig, Germany):

Nikolaos Fytas (Coventry Univ., UK): Phase transitions in disordered systems: The example of the random-field Ising model in four dimensions

Klaus Kroy (Univ. Leipzig, Germany):

Arnab Barua (IIT Bombay, India):

Sebastian Kapfer (FAU Erlangen, Germany): Melting in 2D and a fresh perspective on Monte Carlo

Nikolay Izmailyan (Yerevan Physics Institute, Armenia): Critical Ising model with a defect line: Exact solution

Henrik Christiansen (Univ. Leipzig, Germany): Coarsening and aging of lattice polymers (P)

Johannes Zierenberg (Univ. Leipzig, Germany): Canonical free-energy barrier of particle and polymer cluster formation

Harald Morgner (Univ. Leipzig, Germany):

Benjamin Jäger (ETH Zürich, Switzerland): Towards the QCD phase diagram using complex Langevin

Francesco Parisen Toldin (Univ. Würzburg, Germany): Critical behavior in the presence of an order-parameter pinning field

Hendrik Schawe (Univ. Oldenburg, Germany): Convex hulls of self-avoiding random walks: A large-deviation study (P)

Timur Shakirov (Univ. Oldenburg, Germany): Folding in small polyethylene systems: Single chains and few chains

Hsiao-Ping Hsu (MPI Polymer Research, Mainz, Germany): Detailed analysis of Rouse mode and dynamic scattering function of highly entangled polymer melts in equilibrium

Pascal Fieth (Univ. Oldenburg, Germany): Improving causal Gaussian Bayesian network inference using parallel tempering (P)

Wolfgang Paul (Univ. Halle, Germany): Quantum Hamilton equations: Derivation and application

Ravinder Kumar (Univ. Leipzig, Germany / Coventry Univ., UK): Approximate ground states of the random-field Potts model from a graph-cut method and parallel tempering (P)

Steffen Trimper (Univ. Halle, Germany):

Ferenc Igloi (Wigner Research Centre, Budapest, Hungary): Random quantum systems with long-range interactions

Hamid Khoshbakht (Coventry Univ., UK / Univ. Mainz, Germany): On the uniform sampling of ground states in the 2D ±J Ising spin-glass model

Nobuyasu Ito (The Univ. of Tokyo, Japan): Social simulation with exascale computer

Elmar Bittner (Univ. Heidelberg, Germany):

Reinhold Haberlandt (Univ. Leipzig, Germany):

Arne Böker (Univ. Halle, Germany): SAMC simulation of alanine and glutamine oligomers (P)

Benno Werlich (Univ. Halle, Germany):

Jonathan Gross (Univ. Leipzig, Germany): Massively parallel multicanonical simulations on GPUs

Martin Weigel (Coventry Univ., UK): Population annealing: Massively parallel simulations in statistical physics

Arnulf Möbius (IFW Dresden, Germany):

Suman Majumder (Univ. Leipzig, Germany): Scaling laws in polymer collapse: Lattice vs off-lattice

Philipp Schierz (Univ. Leipzig, Germany): The microcanonical barrier and the ensemble tailoring framework

Hans Werner Diehl (Univ. Duisburg-Essen, Germany): Fluctuation-induced forces in confined He and Bose gases

Alexander Holm (Univ. Leipzig, Germany):

Walter Selke (RWTH Aachen, Germany):

Marco Müller (Univ. Leipzig, Germany): Exact solutions to plaquette Ising models with free and periodic boundaries

Eunsang Lee (Univ. Halle, Germany):

Jeanette Köppe (Univ. Halle, Germany):

George Savvidy (Demokritos NRC, Athens, Greece): Spectrum and Entropy of Anosov-Kolmogorov systems and MIXMAX generator

Tobias Weiß (Univ. Leipzig, Germany):

Nicolai Oberthuer (Univ. Leipzig, Germany):

Stanislav Kazmin (Univ. Leipzig, Germany): The axial nucleon charge gA and its renormalization constant ZA using the point-split axial vector current operator on the lattice

Arwed Schiller (Univ. Leipzig, Germany):

Stefan Schnabel (Univ. Leipzig, Germany): Local energy minima of the 3d Edwards-Anderson model

Ulrich Behn (Univ. Leipzig, Germany):

Fabio Mueller (Univ. Leipzig, Germany):

Niklas Fricke (Univ. Leipzig, Germany): Asymptotic scaling behavior of self-avoiding walks on critical percolation clusters (P)

Holger Perlt (Univ. Leipzig, Germany):

Simon Schneider (Univ. Leipzig, Germany):