CompPhys15: List of Participants

Wolfhard Janke (Univ. Leipzig, Germany):

Reinhold Haberlandt (Univ. Leipzig, Germany):

Klaus Kroy (Univ. Leipzig, Germany):

Marius Bause (Univ. Leipzig, Germany): Partition function zeros of interacting self-avoiding walks (tentative) (P)

Helvio Vairinhos (ETH Zürich, Switzerland):

Oscar Akerlund (ETH Zürich, Switzerland):

Ravinder Kumar (Univ. Leipzig, Germany / Coventry Univ., UK): Driven DNA: Does a dynamic transition exist in the thermodynamic limit? (P)

Michael Bachmann (Univ. of Georgia, Athens, USA): Stabilization of helical structures by bending restraints

Malte Henkel Univ. Lorraine Nancy, France): Exact results on the kinetics of growing interfaces

Martin Thomas Horsch (TU Kaiserslautern, Germany): Multicriteria optimization of molecular force field models

Elmar Bittner (Univ. Heidelberg, Germany):

Steffen Trimper (Univ. Halle, Germany): Spin representation without fixed quantization axis

Jonathan Gross (Univ. Leipzig, Germany): Comparing atomistic and coarse-grained simulations of P3HT

Ezequiel Albano (La Plata, Argentina): Multicritical in confined ferromagnets with impurities

Henrik Christiansen (Univ. Leipzig, Germany):

Harald Morgner (Univ. Leipzig, Germany):

Walter Selke (RWTH Aachen, Germany):

Hsiao-Ping Hsu (MPI Polymer Research, Mainz, Germany): Static and dynamic properties of large polymer melts in equilibrium

Johannes Zierenberg (Univ. Leipzig, Germany): Exploring different regimes in finite-size scaling of the droplet condensation-evaporation transition

Stefan Boettcher (Emory University, Atlanta, USA): Ground states of Edwards-Anderson spin glasses

George Savvidy (DEMOKRITOS NRC, Athens, Greece): Kolmogorov-Anosov C-systems and MIXMAX random number generator

Miriam Klopotek (Univ. Tübingen, Germany): Monolayer growth in a hard-rod lattice model

Marcin Zagorski (IST Klosterneuburg/Wien, Austria): Evolutionary accessibility of fitness landscapes with multiple alleles

Alexander Hartmann (Univ. Oldenburg, Germany): Distribution of convex hulls for single and multiple random walks

Timur Shakirov (Univ. Halle, Germany): Wang-Landau simulation of short single polyethylene chain's crystallization

Arne Böker (Univ. Halle, Germany):

Benno Werlich (Univ. Halle, Germany): Stiffness of homopolymer chains (P)

Francesco Parisen Toldin (Univ. Würzburg, Germany): Line contribution to the critical Casimir force between a homogeneous and a chemically stepped surface

Ewa Gajda-Zagórska (AGH University, Krakow, Poland): Multi-objective solver for inverse parametric problems

Dennis C. Rapaport (Bar-Ilan University, Israel): Simulating emergent phenomena (with GPU-based molecular dynamics)

Suman Majumder (Univ. Leipzig, Germany): Aging and dynamical scaling during collapse of a polymer

Felix Hoffmann (Univ. Halle, Germany):

Erik Alred (Univ. of Oklahoma, Norman, USA): On the lack of polymorphism in Aβ-peptide aggregates derived from patient brains

Michael Schreiber (TU Chemnitz, Germany): Multifractal analysis of electronic states on random Voronoi-Delaunay lattices (P)

Laura Katharina Scarbath-Evers (Univ. Halle, Germany): Theoretical studies on embedded chromophores (P)

Philipp Schierz (Univ. Leipzig, Germany): First-order phase transitions in the advantageous full microcanonical ensemble

Nikolaos Fytas (Coventry Univ., UK): Interfacial adsorption in Potts models on the square lattice

Marco Mueller (Univ. Leipzig, Germany): Planar ("fuki-nuke") ordering and finite-size effects for a model with four-spin interactions (P)

Alexander Holm (Univ. Leipzig, Germany):

Martin Weigel (Coventry Univ., UK): Regular packings on periodic lattices

Arnulf Möbius (IFW Dresden, Germany): A strange surprise in teaching basic numerics: The question matters

Stefan Schnabel (Univ. Leipzig, Germany): Greedy Monte Carlo for spin glass ground-state search

Myfanwy Evans (Mathematics, TU Berlin, Germany):

Momchil Ivanov (Univ. Leipzig, Germany): Boltzmann inversion of harmonic oscillators (P)

Martin Marenz (Univ. Leipzig, Germany): Knots as topological order parameter for semiflexible polymers

Franz Paul Spitzner (Univ. Leipzig, Germany):

Benjamin Schott (Univ. Leipzig, Germany):

Tobias Weiß (Univ. Leipzig, Germany):

Hannes Nagel (Univ. Leipzig, Germany): Open boundary conditions in stochastic transport processes with short-range interactions

Wolfgang Paul (Univ. Halle, Germany):

Johannes Bock (Univ. Leipzig, Germany): Semiflexible polymers in disordered media (P)

Ulrich Behn (Univ. Leipzig, Germany):

Ghulam Saddiq (Univ. Halle, Germany):

Robert Wiesen (Univ. Leipzig, Germany):

Jürgen Vollmer (MPI Dynamik und Selbstorganisation, Göttingen): Ostwald ripening, scaling and size focussing in the evolution of droplet size distributions

Lev Shchur (Landau Institute, Chernogolovka, Russia): Current state-of-the-art in kinetic Monte Carlo simulations

Arwed Schiller:

Sascha Jähnigen:

Holger Perlt:

Stanislav Kazmin:

Sebastian Tillack: