Arrival with plane at Leipzig-Halle airport or train at Leipzig main station

After arrival at the airport look for signs to the Airport train station. If you feel it's a long walk - then you are on the right track! About every 30 minutes there is a direct train connection to the main station ("Hauptbahnhof") in the city center.

You can buy your ticket either at a ticket counter (still in the airport building) just before you move down to the tracks, or downstairs at a ticket machine. Tickets for the regional trains ("RE") - you must punch your ticket next to the ticket machine before entering the RE - are also valid for changing to the tram at Hauptbahnhof (at least within the city limits). Long distance trains ("IC"), which also every now and then connect the airport and the main train station, require a special, more expensive ticket (which furthermore is not valid on the trams from Hauptbahnhof).

From the main train station ("Hauptbahnhof") you can take the tram no. 16 to our new office building at "Brüderstr. 16" (leave at stop "Bayrischer Platz") or to the lecture hall at Linnestr. 5 (leave the next stop "Johannisstr." and walk through the Chemistry building to enter the Physics building through one of the back doors)

Since Summer 2012 the Institute for Theoretical physics is located at "Brüderstr. 16" where you should enter through a "yellow door" at the back side of the building (in the ground floor is a kindergarten called "Einsteinchen" whose entrance is at the front side ...). The secretaries' offices are on the first floor opposite to the elevator. You may also try to contact Wolfhard Janke (room 207, phone (0341) 97 32 421).

Wolfhard Janke - Fri Oct 11 11:24:28 CEST 2013 (WJ)