CompPhys12 Timetable (as of 19 Nov)

Thu, 29 November 2012  -   Linnéstr. 5, Theory Lecture Hall ("Theorie Hörsaal")
09:00-09:25  - Registration and Welcome Coffee ("Aula") -  
09:25-09:30  - Opening - 
Session 1: Statistical Physics (Chair: Reinhold Haberlandt)
09:30-09:50 Martin Hasenbusch Thermodynamic Casimir forces between a sphere and a plate: Monte Carlo simulation of a spin model
09:50-10:10 Fred Hucht Sheared Ising models in three dimensions
10:10-10:30 Antonio Gordillo-Guerrero Thermal behavior of the Lee-Yang zeros in the O(3) model
10:30-10:50 Malte Henkel Some exact results in systems of immobile interacting particles
10:50-11:20 - Coffee Break ("Aula") -  
Session 2: Polymer Physics (Chair: Stefan Schnabel)
11:20-11:40 Hsiao-Ping Hsu Scattering function of semiflexible polymer chains under good solvent conditions
11:40-12:00 Viktoria Blavatska Conformational transitions in random heteropolymer models
12:00-12:20 Handan Arkın-Olgar Thermodynamics of a polymer chain inside a spherical cage
12:20-12:40 Semjon Stepanow Theoretical description of polymer crystallization
12:40-14:30 - Lunch at Mensa Liebigstr. -  
Session 3: Random Worms and Walks (Chair: Elmar Bittner)
14:30-14:50 Thomas Neuhaus Spin correlations in the 3D Ising model on infinite cuboids
14:50-15:10 Alexander Hartmann Efficient simulation of fractional Brownian motion for several values of the Hurst exponent
15:10-15:30 Jeremi Ochab Maximal-entropy random walk, centrality measures and communities
Session 4: Posters (Chair: Martin Weigel)
15:30-16:00 Short oral presentations of posters listed below
16:00-17:00 - Poster Session & Coffee Break ("Aula") -  
Session 5: NTZ-Colloquium (Chair: Wolfhard Janke)
17:00-18:00 Kurt Binder Contact angles, wetting transitions, and macroscopic interfacial fluctuations
19:00-20:15 - Glühwein at Christmas Market -  
20:30 - Dinner at "Thüringer Hof" (Burgstr. 19) -  
Fri, 30 November 2012  -   Linnéstr. 5, Theory Lecture Hall ("Theorie Hörsaal")
09:00-09:30  - Wake-Up Coffee ("Aula") -  
Session 6: Disordered Systems (Chair: Alexander Hartmann)
09:30-09:50 Martin Weigel Spin glasses with many components
09:50-10:10 David Yllanes Finite-size scaling analysis of the distributions of pseudo-critical temperatures in spin glasses
10:10-10:30 Hamid Khoshbakht The effect of boundary conditions on Schramm-Loewner evolution in the 2D Ising spin glass at zero temperature
10:30-10:50 Juan J. Ruiz-Lorenzo Numerical test of the Cardy-Jacobsen conjecture in the site-diluted Potts model in three dimensions
10:50-11:20 - Coffee Break ("Aula") -  
Session 7: Computational Methods (Chair: Martin Hasenbusch)
11:20-11:40 Eren Metin Elçi Efficient implementation of Sweeny's algorithm for simulations of the random-cluster model
11:40-12:00 Tetsuro Nagai Simulated tempering and magnetizing simulations of a Potts model
12:00-12:20 Johannes Zierenberg Scaling properties of a parallel implementation of the multicanonical algorithm
12:20-12:40 Lev Barash Parallel streams of pseudorandom numbers for Monte Carlo simulations: Using most reliable algorithms and applying parallelism of modern CPUs and GPUs
12:40-12:45 - Group Photo in front of "Aula" -  
12:45-14:30 - Lunch at Mensa Liebigstr. -  
Session 8: Quantum Systems (Chair: Steffen Trimper)
14:30-14:50 Wolfgang Paul A stochastic mechanics simulation of a hard-boson gas
14:50-15:10 Ferenc Iglói Corner contribution to percolation cluster numbers
15:10-15:30 Thiery Platini Applying the repeated interaction process on quantum spin chains
15:30-15:50 Yu-Cheng Lin Correlated valence-bond states
15:50-16:20 - Coffee Break ("Aula") -  
Session 9: Physics of Interfaces and Networks (Chair: Ulrich Behn)
16:20-16:40 Harald Morgner Time dependent aspects of fluid adsorption in mesopores
16:40-17:00 Ronald Benjamin Wall-liquid and wall-crystal interfacial free energies via thermodynamic integration: A molecular dynamics simulation study
17:00-17:20 Martin Horsch The size dependence of the vapour-liquid interfacial tension
17:20-17:40 Marcin Zagórski Emergence of gene regulatory networks under functional constraints
17:40-18:00 Christian von Ferber Quantitative indicators for roles in online discussion groups
18:00-18:05  - Closing - 
18:05-19:00  - Poster Session & Fare-Well Beer/Wine -  
20:00  - Dinner at "Brauhaus an der Thomaskirche" (Thomaskirchhof 3-5) -  
Sat, 01 December 2012  -   ITP, Brüderstr. 16, Room 210
Session 10: New Developments in Computational Physics (Chair: Wolfhard Janke)
10:00-12:30  - Discussions of Collaborative Projects -  
12:30-14:30 - Lunch at Pizzeria "Da Salvo" (Phillip-Rosenthal-Str. 9) -  
14:30-17:00  - Collaboration Meetings -  
17:00-18:00   - Summary & Future Perspectives -  
19:00 - Dinner at ??? ("democratic decision") -  
List of Posters in Session 4
Rainer Bischof Finite-size spectra and conformal operator content of a mixed quantum spin chain
Elmar Bittner Replica-exchange cluster algorithm
Haleh Ebadi Identification of biological control networks from dynamics
Eugen Ehrenpreis Formation of condensates in pair-factorized steady states
Ewa Gajda-Zagórska Application of Hierarchic Genetic Strategy to 3D borehole resistivity inverse simulations
Fakhteh Ghanbarnejad Stability in Boolean networks with distributed delays
Florian Günther Structure optimization for the HP model of protein folding by means of "local heat pulse"-quench cycles
Martin Marenz  Simple polymer in a spherical cage
Oliver Melchert The universality class of the 2D "Touch-and-Stop" cluster growth percolation model
Arnulf Möbius On parallelization of structure optimization via "local heat pulse"-quench cycles
Marco Müller Multicanonical analysis of the gonihedric Ising model
Hannes Nagel  Stochastic description of a bistable frustrated unit
Bruno Pace Voter model with surface tension
Sebastian Schöbl  Broadscale examination of the influence of disorder on semiflexible polymers
Mathieu Solar Structure and dynamics at polymer-solid interfaces: Atomistic molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of 1,4 - polybutadiene at graphite surfaces
Semjon Stepanow Estimate of the energy of vacuum fluctuations of non-Abelian gauge fields from the uncertainty relations

Wolfhard Janke - Mon Nov 19 14:47:23 CET 2012 (WJ)