CompPhys11 Timetable (as of 22 Nov)

Thu, 24 November 2011  -   Linnestr. 5, Small Lecture Hall ("Kleiner Hörsaal")
09:00-09:25  - Registration and Welcome Coffee ("Aula") -  
09:25-09:30  - Opening - 
Session 1: Statistical Physics (Chair: Reinhold Haberlandt)
09:30-09:50 Martin Hasenbusch A Monte Carlo study of surface critical phenomena: The special point
09:50-10:10 Desmond Johnston Gonihedric Ising models: Order parameter(s) and dual(s)
10:10-10:30 Malte Henkel Logarithmic extensions of local scale invariance
10:30-10:50 Antonio Gordillo-Guerrero Complex temperature zeros in the partition function of the 3D Ising model
10:50-11:20 - Coffee Break ("Aula") -  
Session 2: Polymer Physics (Chair: Handan Arkin-Olgar)
11:20-11:40 Mark Taylor Partition function zeros and phase transitions of a polymer chain
11:40-12:00 Hsiao-Ping Hsu Structure and scaling analysis of stretched semiflexible polymer chains
12:00-12:20 Viktoria Blavatska Polymer adsorption on a fractal substrate
12:20-12:40 Yuko Okamoto Generalized-ensemble simulations of spin models and biomolecular systems
12:40-14:30 - Lunch Break at Mensa Liebigstr. -  
Session 3: Quantum Systems (Chair: Thomas Neuhaus)
14:30-14:50 Ferenc Iglói Quantum relaxation after a quench in systems with boundaries
14:50-15:10 Antun Balaz Numerical simulations of Faraday waves in binary Bose-Einstein condensates
15:10-15:30 Holger Perlt The non-perturbative part of Wilson loops
Session 4: Posters (Chair: Yuko Okamoto)
15:30-16:00 - Short oral presentations of posters listed below -  
16:00-17:00 - Poster Session & Coffee Break ("Aula") -  
Session 5: NTZ-Colloquium (Chair: Wolfhard Janke)
17:00-18:00 Robert H. Swendsen How the maximum step size in Monte Carlo simulations should be adjusted
19:00-20:15 - Glühwein at Christmas Market -  
20:30 - Dinner at "Thüringer Hof" (Burgstr. 19) -  
Fri, 25 November 2011  -   Linnestr. 5, Theory Lecture Hall ("Theorie Hörsaal")
09:00-09:30  - Wake-Up Coffee ("Aula") -  
Session 6: Disordered Systems (Chair: Elmar Bittner)
09:30-09:50 Alexander Hartmann Random-field Ising magnet with correlated disorder
09:50-10:10 Raquel Alvarez Finite-dimensional Edwards-Anderson spin glass: Evidence of phase transition at nonzero magnetic field
10:10-10:30 Sergio Perez-Gaviro Anisotropy impact in the 3D Heisenberg spin-glass model
10:30-11:00 - Coffee Break ("Aula") -  
Session 7: Computational Methods (Chair: Robert H. Swendsen)
11:00-11:20 Thomas Neuhaus Precision calculation of spin-spin correlators in the Ising model via worm updates
11:20-11:40 Elmar Bittner Parallel-tempering cluster algorithm for computer simulations of critical phenomena
11:40-12:00 Arnulf Möbius Optimization by local heat pulse - quenching cycles by means of GULP
12:00-12:20 Francesco Parisen Toldin Improvement of Monte Carlo estimates with covariance-optimized finite-size scaling at fixed phenomenological coupling
12:20-12:30 - Group Photo in front of "Aula" -  
12:30-14:30 - Lunch Break at Mensa Liebigstr. -  
Session 8: Macroscopic Transport (Chair: Ferenc Iglói)
14:30-14:50 Heiko Rieger Strong roughening of spontaneous imbibition fronts
14:50-15:10 Harald Morgner Confined systems: New theory and applications
15:10-15:30 Jeremi Ochab Pair-factorised steady state model exhibits a condensate's growth on monolayers
15:30-15:50 Karol Trojanowski Resonance and pattern formation in the Kuramoto model with Manhattan delay
15:50-16:30 - Coffee Break ("Aula") -  
Session 9: Graphs and Networks (Chair: Desmond Johnston)
16:30-16:50 Oliver Melchert Mean-field behavior of the negative-weight percolation model on random regular graphs
16:50-17:10 Fakhteh Ghanbarnejad Importance of single nodes for Boolean network dynamics
17:10-17:30 Marcin Zagórski Motifs emerge from function in model gene regulatory networks
17:30-17:50 Pádraig Mac Carron Mythological networks
17:50-18:00  - Closing - 
18:00-19:00  - Poster Session & Fare-Well Beer/Wine -  
20:00  - Dinner at Restaurant Paulaner (Klostergasse 4-5) -  
Sat, 26 November 2011  -   Vor dem Hospitaltore 1, Large ("Grosser") Seminar Room 1L12/13
Session 10: New Developments in Computational Physics (Chair: Wolfhard Janke)
10:00-12:30  - Discussion of Collaborative Projects -  
12:30-14:30 - Lunch Break at Pizzeria "Da Salvo" (Phillip-Rosenthal-Str. 9) -  
14:30-17:00  - Collaboration Meetings -  
17:00-18:00   - Summary & Future Perspectives -  
19:00 - Dinner at ??? ("democratic decision") -  
List of Posters in Session 4
Rainer Bischof Gaussian universality class of mixed quantum spin chains
Martin Brehm TRAVIS - A free analyzer and visualizer for MC and MD trajectories
Niklas Fricke Scale-free enumeration of self-avoiding walks on critical percolation clusters
Ewa Gajda-Zagórska Hierarchic genetic strategy for solving inverse problems
Hossein Hassani Oscillations in delayed SIRS model on homogeneous networks
Hamid Khoshbakht The two-dimensional Ising spin glass at zero temperature
Monika Möddel Comparison of grafted and non-grafted polymer adsorption in different ensembles
Tetsuro Nagai Application of two-dimensional simulated tempering (ST) to the two-dimensional Ising model

Wolfhard Janke - Tue Nov 22 13:50:28 CET 2011 (WJ)