CompPhys11: List of Participants

Wolfhard Janke (Leipzig):

Reinhold Haberlandt (Leipzig):

Harald Morgner (Chem. Dept., Leipzig): Confined systems: New theory and applications

Malte Henkel (Nancy, France): Logarithmic extensions of local scale invariance

Hossein Hassani (Tehran, Iran): Oscillations in delayed SIRS model on homogeneous networks (P)

Hamid Khoshbakht (Mainz): The two-dimensional Ising spin glass at zero temperature (P)

Yuko Okamoto (Nagoya, Japan): Generalized-ensemble simulations of spin models and biomolecular systems

Des Johnston (Edinburgh, UK): Gonihedric Ising models: Order parameter(s) and dual(s)

Juan J. Ruiz-Lorenzo (Badajoz, Spain): Probing universality in disordered first-order phase transitions: The case of the tricritical points.

Antonio Gordillo-Guerrero (Badajoz, Spain): Complex temperature zeros in the partition function of the 3D Ising model

Alexander Hartmann (Oldenburg): Rand-field Ising magnet with correlated disorder

Mark Taylor (Hiram, USA): Partition function zeros and phase transitions of a polymer chain

Pádraig Mac Carron (Coventry, UK): Mythological networks

Robert H. Swendsen (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA): How the maximum step size in Monte Carlo simulations should be adjusted

Oliver Melchert (Oldenburg): Mean-field behavior of the negative-weight percolation model on random regular graphs

Marcin Zagórski (Krakow, Poland): Motifs emerge from function in model gene regulatory networks

Heiko Rieger (Saarbrücken): Strong roughening of spontaneous imbibition fronts

Tetsuro Nagai ((Nagoya, Japan): Application of two-dimensional simulated tempering (ST) to the two-dimensional Ising model (P)

Karol Trojanowski (Krakow, Poland): Resonance and pattern formation in the Kuramoto model with Manhattan delay

Francesco Parisen Toldin (Dresden): Improvement of Monte Carlo estimates with covariance-optimized finite-size scaling at fixed phenomenological coupling

Sergio Perez-Gaviro (Zaragoza, Spain): Anisotropy impact in the 3-D Heisenberg spin glass model

Arnulf Möbius (Dresden): Optimization by local heat pulse - quenching cycles by means of GULP

Raquel Alvarez (Zaragoza, Spain): Finite-dimensional Edwards-Anderson spin glass: Evidence of phase transition at nonzero magnetic field

Ferenc Iglói (Budapest, Hungary): Quantum relaxation after a quench in systems with boundaries

Elmar Bittner (Heidelberg): Parallel-tempering cluster algorithm for computer simulations of critical phenomena

Fakhteh Ghanbarnejad (IZBI, Leipzig): Importance of single nodes for Boolean network dynamics

Antun Balaz (Belgrade, Serbia): Numerical simulations of Faraday waves in binary Bose-Einstein condensates

Holger Perlt (Leipzig): The non-perturbative part of Wilson loops

Hsiao-Ping Hsu (Mainz): Structure and scaling analysis of stretched semiflexible polymer chains

Thomas Neuhaus (Jülich): Precision calculation of spin-spin correlators in the Ising model via worm updates

Martin Hasenbusch (HU Berlin): A Monte Carlo study of surface critical phenomena: The special point

Ulrich Behn (Leipzig):

Uthumporn Arsawang (Leipzig):

Christian von Ferber (Coventry, UK): tba

Jeremi Ochab (Krakow, Poland): Pair-factorised steady state model exhibits a condensate's growth on monolayers

Ewa Gajda-Zagórska (Krakow, Poland): Hierarchic genetic strategy for solving inverse problems (P)

Semjon Stepanow (Halle):

Wolfgang Paul (Halle):

Anja Kuhnhold (Halle):

Siegfried Fritzsche (Leipzig):

Benno Werlich (Halle):

Mathieu Solar (Halle):

Meik Hellmund (Math. Dept., Leipzig):

Arwed Schiller (Leipzig):

Viktoria Blavatska (Lviv, Ukraine): Polymer adsorption on a fractal substrate

Andrea Kramer (Leipzig):

Steffen Trimper (Halle):

Niklas Fricke (Leipzig): Scale-free enumeration of self-avoiding walks on critical percolation clusters (P)

Pooneh Pilvar (Leipzig):

Handan Olgar (Leipzig/Ankara, Turkey):

Johannes Zierenberg (Leipzig):

Rainer Bischof (Leipzig): Gaussian universality class of mixed quantum spin chains (P)

Martin Marenz (Leipzig):

Eugen Ehrenpreis (Leipzig):

Monika Möddel (Leipzig): Comparison of grafted and non-grafted polymer adsorption in different ensembles (P)

Mathias Aust (Leipzig):

Martin Brehm (Chem. Dept., Leipzig): TRAVIS - A free analyzer and visualizer for MC and MD trajectories (P)

Lars Wolff (Leipzig):

Hannes Nagel (Leipzig):

Sebastian Schöbl (Leipzig):

Daniel Rings (Leipzig):

Max Gerlach (Leipzig):

Philipp Schierz: