CompPhys09 Timetable

26 November 2009  -   Linnestr. 5, Theory Lecture Hall ("Theorie Hörsaal")
08:45-09:10  - Registration and Welcome Coffee ("Aula") -  
09:10-09:15  - Opening - 
Session 1: Statistical Physics I (Chair: Ulrich Behn)
09:15-09:35 Eugene Petrov Translational diffusion in two-component lipid membranes close to phase transition
09:35-09:55 Xavier Durang Exact results in the one-dimensional coagulation-diffusion process by the empty-interval method
09:55-10:15 Lars Heinke Using kinetic Monte Carlo simulations for investigating surface barriers in nanoporous materials
10:15-10:35 Thiago Mattos Effects of spillover and particle size in a kinetic model of catalyzed reactions
10:35-11:00 - Coffee Break ("Aula") -  
Session 2: Polymer Physics (Chair: Michael Bachmann)
11:00-11:20 Mark Taylor All-or-none protein-like folding of a homopolymer chain
11:20-11:40 Daniel Reith Influence of chain stiffness and sequence on knottedness in polymer globules
11:40-12:00 Monika M÷ddel Systematic microcanonical analyses of polymer adsorption transitions
12:00-12:20 Andre Galuschko Molecular dynamics simulation of polymer brushes
12:20-12:40 Christoph Junghans Versatile object-oriented toolkit for coarse-graining applications
12:40-14:35 - Lunch Break at Mensa Pragerstr. -  
Session 3: Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics (Chair: Christophe Chatelain)
14:35-14:55 Malte Henkel Non-markovian global persistence in phase-ordering kinetics
14:55-15:15 Alfred Hucht Nonequilibrium phase transition in an exactly solvable driven Ising model with friction
15:15-15:35 Jean-Charles Walter Numerical investigation of the aging of the fully fustrated XY model
15:35-15:55 Bartlomiej Waclaw Tuning the shape of the condensate in spontaneous symmetry breaking
Session 4: Posters (Chair: Ralph Kenna)
15:55-16:15 Short oral presentations of posters listed below
16:15-17:00 - Poster Session & Coffee Break ("Aula") -  
Session 5: Joint Physics- and NTZ-Colloquium (Chair: Wolfhard Janke)
17:00-18:00 Nobuyasu Ito Simulation study on nonequilibrium transport phenomena
19:00-20:15 - Glühwein at Christmas Market -  
20:30 - Dinner at "Thüringer Hof" (Burgstr. 19) -  
27 November 2009  -   Linnestr. 5, Theory Lecture Hall ("Theorie Hörsaal")
08:45-09:15  - Wake-Up Coffee ("Aula") -  
Session 6: Disordered Systems (Chair: Elmar Bittner)
09:15-09:35 Viktoria Blavatska Polymers in crowded environment under stretching force: globule-coil transitions
09:35-09:55 Ferenc Iglˇi Disordered Potts model on the diamond hierarchical lattice
09:55-10:15 Bj÷rn Ahrens Properties of exact ground states of the random-field Ising magnet around the upper critical dimension
10:15-10:35 Victor Martin-Mayor Large-scale equilibrium simulation of the 3D Edwards-Anderson model
10:35-10:55 Beatriz Seoane Bartolomä Spin glass on the hypercube
10:55-11:20 - Coffee Break ("Aula") -  
Session 7: Critical Phenomena (Chair: Hildegard Meyer-Ortmanns)
11:20-11:40 Arnulf M÷bius Critical behavior of the Coulomb-glass model in the zero-disorder limit: Ising universality in a system with long-range interactions
11:40-12:00 Adriaan Schakel Critical loop gases and the worm algorithm
12:00-12:20 Oliver Melchert Critical behavior of bond-diluted negative-weight percolation
12:20-12:40 David Yllanes A cluster Monte Carlo algorithm with a conserved order parameter
12:40-12:45 - Group Photo in front of "Aula" -  
12:45-14:15 - Lunch Break at Mensa Pragerstr. -  
Session 8: Quantum Systems (Chair: Meik Hellmund)
14:15-14:35 Dragi Karevski Critical quench dynamics in confined systems
14:35-14:55 Thomas Neuhaus Statistical analysis of quantum adiabatic computations
14:55-15:15 Holger Perlt Wilson loops at very high order of lattice pertubation theory
15:15-15:35 Zdzislaw Burda Product of random Gaussian matrices
15:35-16:00 - Coffee Break ("Aula") -  
Session 9: Statistical Physics II (Chair: Harald Markum)
16:00-16:20 Christian von Ferber Eggheads: shapes of embedded networks
16:20-16:40 Wolfgang Paul Trading leads to scale-free self-organization
16:40-17:00 Steffen Trimper Exact solution of the stochastic SIR model
17:00-17:20 Hsiao-Ping Hsu Structure analysis of bottle-brush polymers: simulation and experiment
17:20-17:40 Michael Schreiber The modified sharpened index h_ms and other variants in the Hirsch index zoo
17:40-17:45  - Closing - 
17:45-18:45  - Poster Session & Fare-Well Beer/Wine -  
20:00  - Dinner at Ratskeller (Burgplatz) -  
28 November 2009  -   Vor dem Hospitaltore 1, Large ("Grosser") Seminar Room 1L12/13
Session 10: New Developments in Computational Physics (Chair: Wolfhard Janke)
10:00-12:30  - Discussion of Collaborative Projects -  
12:30-14:30 - Lunch Break at Pizzeria "Da Salvo" (Phillip-Rosenthal-Str. 9) -  
14:30-17:00  - Collaboration Meetings -  
17:00-18:00   - Summary & Future Perspectives -  
19:00 - Dinner at ??? ("democratic decision") -  
List of Posters in Session 4
Michael Bachmann Thermodynamics of tubelike flexible polymers
Ulrich Behn Nonequilibrium phase transitions in finite arrays of globally coupled Stratonovich models: Strong coupling limit
Rainer Bischof Phase diagram of a mixed quantum spin chain with bond alternation and exchange anisotropy
Elmar Bittner Anisotropy of the interface tension of the three-dimensional Ising model
Fakhteh Ghanbarnejad Stability in continuous versus Boolean dynamics
Ingrid Ibagon Ab initio study of Fe-porphyrin, Fe-phthalocyanine and carbon nanotubes with FeN4 defects
Steffen Karalus Cutting the energy range in multicanonical Monte Carlo simulations
Ralph Kenna The site-diluted Ising model in 2 and 4 dimensions
Harald Markum On the mass in fundamental theories of physics and its computation and measurement
Monika M÷ddel Systematic microcanonical analyses of polymer adsorption transitions
Adolfo Poma From an atomistic to a path integral representation of molecules in adaptive simulation
┴ttila Rodrigues The stochastic nature of predator-prey cycles
Arwed Schiller The lattice ghost propagator in Landau gauge up to three loops using numerical stochastic perturbation theory
Jacek Siˇdmiak The ball-model of an early stage of nucleation of the globular protein crystals with the use of fulleren-like mapping of the surface properties
Micha Wiedenmann Evaporation/condensation transition of 3D Ising droplets

Wolfhard Janke - Tue Nov 24 19:42:28 CET 2009 (WJ)